Lead Me Lord Jesus


We should never look to ourselves on what we think is right.  We should always look to the Heavenly Father and his son Jesus for direction.  Jesus was perfect, lived a perfect sinless life.  He was God’s son.  He loved everyone and tried to help people realize their sinful nature.  He wanted people to realize that they needed God.  That is why we need to follow him and no other.  Many will come saying follow me; but Christ is the only one you should ever follow.  He can lead you to everlasting life.  He can help you with all your trials and hardships in this life, but we must trust in him as our Lord.

Will you receive Christ Jesus as your Lord and Savior?

  1. First you must repent of your sins.
  2.  Then you must pray and ask Jesus into your life.
  3.  Next turn from your sins.
  4.  Try to live a godly life.
  5.  Tell others about Jesus

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A Person’s Attitude Illuminates Character

white canoe

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A person’s attitude illuminates their character.  This simply means that a person is often judged by how they act and how they react to certain situations.  If they are having a bad day and then continue their day in a bad mood; they will portray themselves as a negative, unkind person.  I’ve seen people who I know are really nice people, but after having a hard day at work, they allow themselves to become entangled in that one instance where their character is illuminated in a negative way.  Or perhaps stressors and trials that a person may be going through, can shine negatively through their attitude.  We want others to see us in the best light possible.  Even on our bad days…..

I know it is hard to always have a smile on our face, but we should strive to be friendly no matter the situation.  Once in a while, I’ve seen that one person that has overcome some terrible obstacles in their life, shine brightly among us.  They are thankful, praising God for the blessings that he has given them; despite them losing their home to a tornado or flood.  Their character is a blessing and it illuminates beauty from within.  A character that only God can help them portray. “Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in Heaven” (Matthew 5:16).

I encourage you to “Let your light shine brightly” even on the cloudy days.

Eating a Healthier Diet


It is sad to say that most people don’t eat a healthy diet and they know it.  Diet is a major factor in our overall health.  Below I will give you reasons to eat a healthy diet and give you insights on how diet can affect your health.

  1. People who don’t  drink enough water become dehydrated.  This can lead to colon problems, organ dysfunction and possibly failure.  Skin needs hydrated in order to stay healthy.  Skin is the largest organ in the body.  Organs are made of cells that form tissues and need fluid and/or blood to function.  The skin helps to hold in heat, senses pressure and temperature and protects other organs of our body.
  2. Eating healthy foods full of vitamins are essential for overall health and sustain life.  Vitamins  have play different roles in the body.  Example of vitamin needs are: Vitamin B6 is needed for brain and healthy blood formation.  Folic acid is needed especially in pregnant women to prevent birth defects such as cleft lip.  Vitamin D is needed for healthy bones.  Vitamin K is needed for blood clotting.  The list goes on and on.
  3. Eating unhealthy foods such as eating a high fat diet can cause obesity and Diabetes.  It can clog arteries and cause heart disease.  Eating a high salt diet can cause high blood pressure, stroke, kidneys disease.  Eating spicy foods if you have certain diseases can cause other issues such as GERD, dyspepsia, and worsen colitis, etc…
  4. Food itself is necessary in order to sustain life.  Anorexics are people that don’t eat much food and they are very unhealthy.  They often die early.  Food gives us our energy.  A low carbohydrate diet affects our energy.  A high carb diet can lead to Diabetes.

Diet is very important because it can determine whether we live healthy lives or develop diseases.  A ketogenic diet can control a Seizure without the use of medications.  Always talk to your doctor before eliminating anything in your diet.  Example is that a vegan does without meats and dairy; which is very essential in obtaining needed vitamins.

Taking Care of Mental Health

Women are often worriers and don’t often take time to care for their mental health.  Let me be clear.  I am in no way a Psychologist so please keep that in mind.  As a woman who has dealt with some mental health issues in the past, I know how important taking care of our overall mentality is important in staying healthy.  So I hope I can inspire and educate you to take care of yourself.  Depression is a real thing and should be taken very seriously.  It came upon me one day without notice.  I know that women have a bigger chance of developing some Depression as they get older.  Not to say that younger women do not.  I know of younger women who have committed suicide so it can come upon anyone at any age.

The older the woman becomes she begins to examine her past; her accomplishments  and her failures in life.  She evaluates things that she could have done better; whether it is a different career, better family life, etc…. Mistakes will be made in our lives.  It is only natural to second guess ourselves.  It is when life starts to overwhelm us that we need to take a step backward and find ways to eliminate those stressors in our lives.  Whether it is working too many hours on a job or too many pressures in our family life.  Always take time to relax and allow your mental health some much needed relaxation. Stress can cause death.  It can cause a huge stroll on us.  Don’t ever think their isn’t a way out of our troubles and trials.  Below is a list of things that may help to eliminate stress in our lives.

  1.  Find a library and read!
  2. Find a church to attend and/or find time for your spiritual well being.  This is part of your mental health and should never be overlooked!
  3. Take a few minutes everyday for yourself.  (Whether sitting in your car in a parking lot by yourself or watching some tv on your couch)
  4. Don’t forget to breathe!  Most women who are stressed, hold their breath without realizing it.
  5. Write down things that you need to do and forget about them.   If you have them written down, you won’t forget to do them, but quit stressing over them.
  6. Get a much needed massage.
  7. Get a pedicure; it can be very relaxing
  8. Get a makeover
  9. Go shopping (if this relaxes you?)
  10. Find a hobby, whether writing or painting, etc…


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Let your Beauty Shine Through

I hope I have inspired you to let your beauty shine from within you by being kind, compassionate and loving to others. In my last post I talked about how beauty comes from within us. Beauty comes from having a good heart, being kinder, more compassionate, and helping to others, etc… Now I want to help you to let your beauty shine.  This can be accomplished by taking care of yourself. As a registered nurse I have learned that that people seldom take care of themselves. People work a lot, have busy lives and they don’t take time to relax. Take a few minutes to unwind from your busy day. Watch some tv, read a book, lounge on the couch and simply relax.

One main reason we are so unhealthy is that we simply don’t eat right. We indulge in things that are bad for us. We don’t take vitamins, we don’t drink enough water. These things are necessary for our overall health. I will talk later about these things in a post about (Eating a healthier diet).

Life consist of baby steps. Each step leads us somewhere. Either in a positive direction or negative.  So follow me and I will help you and encourage you to take steps in the right direction.  I want to inspire you to live a happy, healthier life.  Then, you will have beauty that will shine through and many will see it from afar.

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Beauty Begins from Within

One may ask how they can become more beautiful. Perhaps they have been overlooked by an employer because they are overweight, or without natural beauty. Let me tell you that beauty starts from within you. How you treat others tells a lot about your character. If you are a very mean and rude person, then you are not beautiful. People don’t just look at the outward appearance. A confident overweight woman that shows kindness and meekness can be represented as the most beautiful woman in the room. Beauty if not just skin deep. It begins with a person’s character and personality.

So after you work on your inward beauty, then you can begin to work on your outward beauty. Take care of your health. I will give you examples in the next few post on how to stay healthy and younger feeling and truly beautiful.

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Announcing Southern Attraction: The College Years

The College Years

Book Blurb

This 2nd edition young adult romance book continues the journey with Heather Brandon and her amazing boyfriend Jake as they go off to college.  In this book, Heather struggles with insecurities of her past while trying to find a peaceful life.   She had dealt with enough heartache in her past to last a lifetime.  While striving to overcome her past, she is determined to persuade her boyfriend to change his career, for one that is safer.  She wants to enjoy her life with him but struggles to accept his fearless ways.  Heather’s past haunts her; her parent’s passing, and a tornado that ripped apart Huckleburg, her new home. Now all she wants to do is live a life of happiness and not worry about the man she loves. Jake is too prideful to give in.   He is so worried about his own career that he can’t see how much Heather needs him.  Will Heather be able to overcome the trials of her life or will tragedy strike again?  Join Heather as she tries to overcome adversity and search for the peace that she desperately wants.

Book Sample:

Chapter 1

     It was a new school year, Heather was excited to be going to the University of Alabama with her boyfriend Jake. She chose Fashion Merchandising and Design as her degree choice. Luckily Mick had received some donations, after the destruction of his home from the tornado, to help her pay for most of her first year’s tuition. Larry, her parent’s old financial advisor had given her the rest of the money that she needed. Larry had been a close friend to her father. He felt bad about her losing her home after her parent’s passing, so he donated the rest.
Heather made some preparations for her first year in college. She got a new layered hair style with blond high-lites and bought her a couple of new outfits. She made sure to get plenty of rest the night before. She searched her phone for some soothing music to play to help her rest. She found some relaxation nature sounds on her play list. After she pressed play, she could hear seagulls cooing and the wind blowing. Then she heard waves from the ocean whooshing and splashing upon the sand. The sound of the made a gentle and peaceful sound. It didn’t take long until Heather fell quickly asleep.
The next morning Heather felt relaxed and tranquil. Her first day was here and she had to look her best. She wore her new black boots, black leather jacket and smelt of expensive perfume. Somehow driving her little red Camaro didn’t give her that since of pride it once had. Other students often admired her because of her new car. Now she just wanted to be accepted; not worry so much about being the popular girl in school.
Heather felt like the new kid in town, just like the day she arrived in Alabama at her uncle’s farm. At least this time she didn’t have to compete with other people’s misconceptions of her. She remembered how they treated her when she arrived in Huckleburg, Alabama. Country bumpkins were very rude to her because she was from New York. They didn’t like Northerners and thought that she was some spoiled rich kid.
Heather remembered how much she had hated moving to Alabama to live with a uncle she barely knew. Huckleburg used to be a place that she hated, but it had become home to her. Now for some reason, she felt homesick and missed her uncle.
As Heather hurried down the beautiful brick paved road toward the street where her first class would be, she looked around at the beautiful campus. Tall architecture buildings with intricate designs faced the main gate. Heather was surprised by the size of the campus and how it seemed like the whole town catered to the Alabama University. Streets were named after the famous college football coach, Paul Bear Bryant. A coach famous for his winning of six national championships during his tenure. Heather finally found a parking place at the end of the row, squeezing between two cars, which were parked over the line.
Don’t this just beat it all, Heather growled as she shook her head in disgust.
Knowing she was going to be late, she hurried along the pathway of fresh colorful flowers blooming along the manicured landscape on the Alabama campus. She barely made it into Morgan Hall when she tripped over the threshold and landed on her stomach, barely missing her head on the concrete floor in front of her. As she looked up, no one seemed to notice. Everyone seemed to be focused on making new friends. After she hopped up and started down the hallway, she saw kids with fashionable clothes and new school supplies lining the walls. No one seemed to worry about making it to class on time.
As Heather entered her first math class, she surveyed the room before taking a seat toward the back of the class. Only one seat remained open on the last row. As Heather approached it, some skinny red head sat down. Trying not to make a fuss, she found another seat on the row just ahead. As she sat down, she saw a young man entering the room, taking a seat on the teacher’s desk. …..

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About the Author: Tracy Kauffman is an author that resides in Decatur, Alabama with her husband and two dogs.  Tracy hopes to encourage and inspire others to live a healthy, happy life and to treat others with love, compassion and kindness, which is often incorporated into her writing.  Other works include: Southern Adventures, My Boyfriend the Squire, Richard the Lionheart, Southern Attraction, A Closer Walk and Captain Honey Bear.

The Great Author Blog Tour

Below are 5 Amazing books that I thought I would share with you. Please check them out on Amazon and share them with your friends.
1. NEARLY TWENTY YEARS HAVE PASSED since the end of the devastating war which toppled the Tagaran Empire. Following this conflict, Armea has stabilized, ceasing the threat of the Corec and other enemies alike. However, when the city of Sorranon falls to flame and fury, panic begins to grow anew. Within this panic, two strangers, claiming to hail from an apocalyptic future, find influence with powerful allies. Their goal- save Armea through the use of Anastasia Daren, a young girl living within the West. Yet, without agreeing upon the role of said girl, their differing ideals brew trouble for both king and country as other threats rise. Hope for survival, of both Armea and the world, may lie within the hands of these strangers’ orphan.
Inline image
1. Buy Link:   https://bit.ly/2Xx9Eww
2.  Southern Attraction- The College Years is a 2nd Edition Book that continue the journey of Heather Brandon and her boyfriend Jake as they go off to college.  This book can be read as a stand alone book.   As Heather and Jake go off to college they are inseparable, but the stress of school, keeping up their grades and Jake getting injured seem to put a damper on their relationship.  Jake stays busy with football practice while a suave guy vies for Heather’s attentions.  Heather is perplexed in her journey of discovery and the search for happiness and peace.  She has dealt with enough heartaches and trials in her life that it is too much to bear, causing her anxiety.  Jake is wrapped up in trying to become a professional football player that he doesn’t see Heather spiraling downward.  Join Heather as she tries to overcome her adversity and search for peace that she desperately needs.

 Inline image
Buy Link: https://amzn.to/2WAWLFs

The Pauper is a fiction story from a real life event encountered by the author. It is a story which x-rays the ugly situation in many homes and universities today and also proffers solution to it.  In the quest to have a child, a life was given; in the struggle to raise a son, a life was taken, and in the effort to end a life, a life was restored. Regret brings about repentance; repentance gives birth to forgiveness, which reproduces restoration of lost hope, wasted years, bright future and happy ending. In the Pauper, all these happened. This captivating and thrilling story will educate children and adults alike; it is must read for everyone.

4. Elayne MacNally knew one thing for certain:  Her reputation as the willful Harpy of the Highlands was well earned.  Declan MacCollough also knew one thing for certain: He did not want to follow in his father’s footsteps as Laird of the reputed “Beast Clan.”  Declan must find a wife with enough backbone to help him tame his clan. Declan offers to wed the lass – an arranged marriage.  With no other choices open to her, Elayne decides that the Laird of the Beast Clan is the only option.Playing on each other’s strengths, they maneuver around those who attempt to prevent the marriage as a play for power. However, Declan’s past affiliations with the King are not welcome by all, and the challenges to their marriage become the least of their worries.  Can Declan and Elayne trust each other enough to face the threats to the MacCollough clan and their very lives? 

Love makes the ride worthwhile…or does it?
Bob is ready to take the next step in his relationship, and he wants to marry Ava, the woman of his dreams. He’s been secretly saving up money for the “special” ring that she wants. To quicken the process, he gets a part-time job as a Ryde driver, but…Bob stumbles upon Ava’s secret. The struggle begins.
Can their relationship withstand secrets and cheating?

Love’s Ride is a literary roller-coaster ride that will make you happy, scared, excited, angry, hopeful, and more—not necessarily in that order.
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Interview with Kim Branch (AK Kronicles)

God Is My Superhero by [Kronicles, A.K.]
1. How long have you been writing?  I have been writing since I was in college
2.What got you started in writing?  I always liked to write as a way to stretch my imagination.
3. What main genre do you write in and have you written in other genres? The main genre I write in is Christian Children’s Books.  I have also have works in progress in horror, drama, and comedy.
4. What publishing route have you used and/or what publishing company have you used?  I self-published my first book in 2004.  In 2018, I published my second book with Christian Faith Publishing.
5. What inspired you to write this book? I wanted to tell kids about the greatness of God as opposed to fictional superhero’s in a way they could relate to and understand. Is it the 1st or in a set of books? No it is my second book
6. What marketing routes have you used to promote your book? I have run promotions on my facebook pages and also on instagram.   I have also done an interview with the Christian Broadcast Network last December, and Also, I radio interview in the beginning of this year.
7. Is writing your main career or do you have other jobs? No, writing is not my main career.  I have a day job at a top rated Broadcast station.  I also do a little acting and modeling.
8. How do you start off writing? I cleanse my mind and allow myself to be inspired by life.  Do you research, brain storm, or just set the title and go from there?  I just let the creative juices flow until I finish my work.  I also do a little research on the genre, the competition, and environment/character type if I am writing for an older age group.
9. Who inspires you to write and do they help with ideas for the book? Well first God inspires me the most.  But, other than that people in general and life stories.
10. If you could write one last book what would it be about? That is a very good question.  I believe it would be a memoir of sorts.
11. What advice would you give a new author? I would say….Keep it on push.   Never get discouraged.  Never give up on your dreams or fantasy.  Believe and you will succeed.
12. If you had to tell a new author something to watch out for in writing, what would it be?  Watch out for mil publishers that just want to profit off of your work.
13. How do you respond to bad reviews or if you havent ever had one, tell me how you would respond if you got one? I have not had one yet.  But, I did have some negative comments on my fb page from Marvel fans.  At first they hurt my feelings, But,  I had to learn to push pass the negative comments because that is not my audience and you really can not please everyone.  I try to stay focused on the positive.
14. Do you have anyone to read your book and give you advice on it before it is published? Yes, I normally run my book pass family members and friends.
15. Pretend this is a job interview, Tell me about yourself as an person and/or author?
As a person, I am relatively shy and soft spoken.  I love to be around creative people and things….that is where I am the happiest.   As an author, I am open minded and try to write about things that I love.  With each of my stories I try to touch my readers with some sort of life lesson.
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Interview With Author Stephen Edwards

How long have you been writing? 

Answer: I started writing when I was 18, and continued until I was about 32, and back then it was poetry and short stories. I just started writing again about a year ago and now it’s non-fiction. I have also kept up my writing skills in the gap with writing for the various companies I worked for.

What got you started in writing?

Answer: I was originally fascinated with words and language. Puns and fun stories were all so interesting to me. But this latest passion has been to help people get freedom and healing from depression.

What main genre do you write in and have you written in other genres?

Answer: Right now I am focused on non-fiction/self-help.

What publishing route have you used and/or what publishing company have you used?

Answer: I haven’t published this latest book yet, but I will be going with Author Academy Elite, which is a combination of self-publishing with training on marketing and becoming a public speaker.

What inspired you to write this book? Is it the 1st or in a set of books?

Answer: I got free from depression. It had plagued me for 35 years off and on. When the healing came, the must-share-my-story thoughts came soon after.

What marketing routes have you used to promote your book?

Answer: Facebook mainly.

Is writing your main career or do you have other jobs?

Answer: I have another business and other business ideas.

How do you start off writing? Do you research, brain storm, or just set the title and go from there?

Answer: I get a little scattered. I need to plan and make an outline. Otherwise, the writing will go uncontrollably in the wrong direction!

Who inspires you to write and do they help with ideas for the book?

Answer: It’s the people I want to help. I used to say to myself that if someone else can get free from something, I can get free from that same something. I believe we are all alike, so I see that the tables have turned and it would not be fair to pass on this opportunity.

If you could write one last book what would it be about?

Answer: Anything encouraging.

What advice would you give a new author?

Answer: Develop your passion. With your passion on fire anything is possible.

If you had to tell a new author something to watch out for in writing, what would it be?

Answer: Watch out for people who tell you that you should write differently. You are you. Unique. Don’t change the way you write to match the way someone else wants you to write. Let them write their own way, because your style is your style and it’s unique. Unique makes you stand out.

How do you respond to bad reviews or if you haven’t ever had one, tell me how you would respond if you got one?

Answer: Thank you. (Anything else is going to fall flat.)

Do you have anyone to read your book and give you advice on it before it is published?

Answer: I have six beta readers right now. I’ve also had one who read my early drafts and was healed by it.

Pretend this is a job interview. Tell me about yourself as an person and/or author?

Since high school, I’ve been good at writing and expressing myself on paper. To express myself orally, I don’t do well. So, writing is a way for me to succeed at self-expression! I can sense from the feedback I’ve had so far that this first book is going to be a healing experience for many. That’s a really good feeling! And it multiplies my passion to write more.


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