Review Policy

How to submit a Book Review Request
I love hearing about new books and appreciate your taking the time to submit requests to me. However, while I try to respond to all emails I receive, I get an awful lot and often it is just not feasible.  If I don’t accept your book or if you prefer an author interview, just let me know.
If I do accept a book, please note, this does not guarantee a review. Sometimes I will start a book and find that it is simply not for me, or will find that other projects cut down my reading time.
Finally, I accept no financial payment for reviews. I offer honest reviews, which can be both good and bad. Don’t expect anything else.
I have posted on Amazon but they have changed their review policy, so if you want me to post there, let me know of any free days or you can send me a gift card for purchase.
If you want me to review your book or product, use my contact page.
What Type of Books Do I Review
I mainly enjoy historical romance, YA, Kids, fiction and some literary works and don’t read erotica, mystery, fantasy, political or horror. The best guide I can give anyone is to take a look at some of my reviews to get a flavor of what I am enjoying at the moment.  Please contact me before sending me any books!  I will accept PDF, Ebook or Physical copies.

Product Reviews

I will post a review of a product here but must have a physical item in order to review it honestly.  I offer honest reviews, which can be both good and bad. Don’t expect anything else.   I will share my reviews on my social media sites as well.  If you want it reviewed on Amazon, you need to send me a free gift code or card for purchase.

I will not review any sexual related products!

Please contact me first before sending me any products to review; I may not be able to review your product due to my writing or other engagements.  If I can review your product, I will let you know.  Make sure to leave a good email where you can be reached.


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