Poem: Twas the Day of Easter

T’was the day of Easter and all through the land,

kids were home playing and mom was lending

a hand. The weather man was on tv talking

about bad weather coming, while an old man

was on his porch humming. The folks of

Alabama were rushing to Walmart for some

toilet paper and milk, others were sewing

mask of linen and silk. Some were searching

the house for candles in case of tornadoes.

Others were out buying flowers at Lowes.

Many are dreaming of Jesus return, while

some are hoping this virus would burn.

The churches are empty which to me

seems odd, because today we should worship

Jesus and our God. The mayor is restricting

our meetings of more than ten, others laugh

and joke about their world of sin. One day many

will question what they did wrong, while

searching for loved ones all the day long. Then

they will remember what the preacher said,

causing their hearts to dread. Realizing Jesus

has come and went, no more chances to ever repent.

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