Announcing Southern Attraction: The College Years

The College Years

Book Blurb

This 2nd edition young adult romance book continues the journey with Heather Brandon and her amazing boyfriend Jake as they go off to college.  In this book, Heather struggles with insecurities of her past while trying to find a peaceful life.   She had dealt with enough heartache in her past to last a lifetime.  While striving to overcome her past, she is determined to persuade her boyfriend to change his career, for one that is safer.  She wants to enjoy her life with him but struggles to accept his fearless ways.  Heather’s past haunts her; her parent’s passing, and a tornado that ripped apart Huckleburg, her new home. Now all she wants to do is live a life of happiness and not worry about the man she loves. Jake is too prideful to give in.   He is so worried about his own career that he can’t see how much Heather needs him.  Will Heather be able to overcome the trials of her life or will tragedy strike again?  Join Heather as she tries to overcome adversity and search for the peace that she desperately wants.

Book Sample:

Chapter 1

     It was a new school year, Heather was excited to be going to the University of Alabama with her boyfriend Jake. She chose Fashion Merchandising and Design as her degree choice. Luckily Mick had received some donations, after the destruction of his home from the tornado, to help her pay for most of her first year’s tuition. Larry, her parent’s old financial advisor had given her the rest of the money that she needed. Larry had been a close friend to her father. He felt bad about her losing her home after her parent’s passing, so he donated the rest.
Heather made some preparations for her first year in college. She got a new layered hair style with blond high-lites and bought her a couple of new outfits. She made sure to get plenty of rest the night before. She searched her phone for some soothing music to play to help her rest. She found some relaxation nature sounds on her play list. After she pressed play, she could hear seagulls cooing and the wind blowing. Then she heard waves from the ocean whooshing and splashing upon the sand. The sound of the made a gentle and peaceful sound. It didn’t take long until Heather fell quickly asleep.
The next morning Heather felt relaxed and tranquil. Her first day was here and she had to look her best. She wore her new black boots, black leather jacket and smelt of expensive perfume. Somehow driving her little red Camaro didn’t give her that since of pride it once had. Other students often admired her because of her new car. Now she just wanted to be accepted; not worry so much about being the popular girl in school.
Heather felt like the new kid in town, just like the day she arrived in Alabama at her uncle’s farm. At least this time she didn’t have to compete with other people’s misconceptions of her. She remembered how they treated her when she arrived in Huckleburg, Alabama. Country bumpkins were very rude to her because she was from New York. They didn’t like Northerners and thought that she was some spoiled rich kid.
Heather remembered how much she had hated moving to Alabama to live with a uncle she barely knew. Huckleburg used to be a place that she hated, but it had become home to her. Now for some reason, she felt homesick and missed her uncle.
As Heather hurried down the beautiful brick paved road toward the street where her first class would be, she looked around at the beautiful campus. Tall architecture buildings with intricate designs faced the main gate. Heather was surprised by the size of the campus and how it seemed like the whole town catered to the Alabama University. Streets were named after the famous college football coach, Paul Bear Bryant. A coach famous for his winning of six national championships during his tenure. Heather finally found a parking place at the end of the row, squeezing between two cars, which were parked over the line.
Don’t this just beat it all, Heather growled as she shook her head in disgust.
Knowing she was going to be late, she hurried along the pathway of fresh colorful flowers blooming along the manicured landscape on the Alabama campus. She barely made it into Morgan Hall when she tripped over the threshold and landed on her stomach, barely missing her head on the concrete floor in front of her. As she looked up, no one seemed to notice. Everyone seemed to be focused on making new friends. After she hopped up and started down the hallway, she saw kids with fashionable clothes and new school supplies lining the walls. No one seemed to worry about making it to class on time.
As Heather entered her first math class, she surveyed the room before taking a seat toward the back of the class. Only one seat remained open on the last row. As Heather approached it, some skinny red head sat down. Trying not to make a fuss, she found another seat on the row just ahead. As she sat down, she saw a young man entering the room, taking a seat on the teacher’s desk. …..

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About the Author: Tracy Kauffman is an author that resides in Decatur, Alabama with her husband and two dogs.  Tracy hopes to encourage and inspire others to live a healthy, happy life and to treat others with love, compassion and kindness, which is often incorporated into her writing.  Other works include: Southern Adventures, My Boyfriend the Squire, Richard the Lionheart, Southern Attraction, A Closer Walk and Captain Honey Bear.

Anomaly by Michael Gilwood

Michael Gilwood (1)

Michael Gilwood is the Pen name for Stephen Woodward. Michael’s writing career began at the age of nine; writing children’s columns in the local Kentish newspaper. At seventeen, he started to write short stories and poems. After reading hundreds of books, he blamed his nearness to writing to the overly imaginative works of Verne, not because it was his first, it was he who could deliver his then childish mind, making him wonder how someone could vividly paint an invisible image inside his head. He was fascinated by the power of literature. Since then he enjoyed writing, enjoying the pleasure it brought to others. He found it a way to escape from the real world, inserting himself within his own. His other works include: DOK. Both books are available on Amazon.

Science Fiction Novel- Anomaly Synopsis:Anomaly

When two-hundred year old human remains are found on one of Neptune’s moons, Earth’s history falls into chaos. The momentous discovery points planet earth towards a solar system a thousand light years away. Twenty years later, Captain Philip Wakefield and his team, onboard the starship Excelsior, reaches the solar system of Mintaka and continues the investigation. But they are not the only thing evolving in the galaxy. Something frightening has them in its sights. Their discovery of the very cradle of humankind becomes a struggle for interstellar survival. This science fiction book is sure to excite your senses and imagination of the world of space.

weltron-urban_regular                                                                         Exerpt

“My name is Philip. This is Alana and Ramaan. We are scientists. We have come here to gather information about this planet, its life-forms and cultures, its riches and composition and then we will move on to the next planet in this system we call Phot. We come from Earth, the third planet of a G7 star in the centauri region.”

“We know why you have come. Here, you’ll need a flask of Amostalina for your woman.” Shar gave them a small phial of white liquid for Lexia and smiled.

“Almost twenty-thousand of your years ago, we lived in peace in your solar system on the planet you call Mars. Everything was perfect. Everything was as it should have been until the war between the Gorinos, or the dark ones and us, began. At the same time, a terrible disease struck Mars. It drifted quietly and almost destroyed us. As a result, we separated and fled to different parts of the galaxy to escape the impending doom that encircled us. We have our Platnios outside to warn us of intruders. It was them who told us of your arrival.”

“Those plant creatures, you call them Platnios?” Philip’s confidence suddenly came back with a rush. He felt at ease. Shar sensed it, and smiled again.

“They are territorial; if you don’t provoke them, they won’t hurt you.” Ramaan felt an urge to roll up his sleeve and show Shar his arm.

“They are genetically made to serve and obey us?” He moved forward and gave them a book written in their language. Philip was sure his gift would help Lexia with her translations. Ramaan meanwhile was taking photographs of interest and sending the results to Sentrywatcher.

“How is it that you are familiar with the English Language?” asked Philip.

“It is our second language and the mother tongue of our descendants. Come, I will show you and your crew our hangar and what we are doing here.”

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