A Mother’s Love

Imagine not ever having the close contact of a mother. Imagine not ever having been blessed with someone that loves you; a true mother cares more for her child than herself.
A mother has a protective instinct to guard her children and protect them from danger. She feeds them, clothes them and teaches them about life, all the days they are at home. A mother teaches her child, from a young age, to stay away from danger such as a hot stove or busy street. She teaches them how to tie their shoe and tell time. She helps them with their homework and school assignments. She takes them to church and teaches them about the Lord, for she knows her time of teaching is limited. She prays her children will grow up healthy and wise. A mother teaches her child to drive and prepares them for their future. She urges her children to be the best they can be and urges them to become something more.

A mother’s job is never done for she will always care, love, and give advice to her children. When her children leave home, she will still be there praying for them. A mother’s love is unconditional and unending. Tell your mother how much you love her and thank her for everything she has done for you.

A mother’s natural instinct is to protect her child no matter what. This includes: humans, birds, animals. The other day I saw a bird hovering over her nest. She had three small blue eggs in there. If anyone got closer to the nest, she darted down from the sky and tried to attack. With birds though, when the baby bird leaves the nest, often the mother leaves them to fend for themselves. A human mother has a little more trouble letting go. All we can do is trust that we raised them right and that they will make the right decision when the time comes. Never quit praying for your children, for prayer works.

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Virtuous Mother


Who can find an honorable and loving mother,

 for her price is far above rubies.

She is kind and offers a lending hand,

Giving to the needy and poor.

With strength and wisdom she takes a stand,

teaching her children to fear the Lord.

Her own works praise her in the land,

For her tongue is the law of kindness.

She rises yet early while it is night,

to prepare meat for her household.

Her clothing is humility and things that are right.

Her children arise up, and call her blessed.

Her mission is to provide a good home,

Strength and honor is her virtue.

Her children have no need to roam,

for they rest well in their beds each night.

She leads and offers herself a role model.

Her beliefs and faith are always in sight,

Teaching her children what is honest and right,

To care for the needs of others,

For she is a virtuous mother.

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