Announcing Southern Attraction: The College Years

The College Years

Book Blurb

This 2nd edition young adult romance book continues the journey with Heather Brandon and her amazing boyfriend Jake as they go off to college.  In this book, Heather struggles with insecurities of her past while trying to find a peaceful life.   She had dealt with enough heartache in her past to last a lifetime.  While striving to overcome her past, she is determined to persuade her boyfriend to change his career, for one that is safer.  She wants to enjoy her life with him but struggles to accept his fearless ways.  Heather’s past haunts her; her parent’s passing, and a tornado that ripped apart Huckleburg, her new home. Now all she wants to do is live a life of happiness and not worry about the man she loves. Jake is too prideful to give in.   He is so worried about his own career that he can’t see how much Heather needs him.  Will Heather be able to overcome the trials of her life or will tragedy strike again?  Join Heather as she tries to overcome adversity and search for the peace that she desperately wants.

Book Sample:

Chapter 1

     It was a new school year, Heather was excited to be going to the University of Alabama with her boyfriend Jake. She chose Fashion Merchandising and Design as her degree choice. Luckily Mick had received some donations, after the destruction of his home from the tornado, to help her pay for most of her first year’s tuition. Larry, her parent’s old financial advisor had given her the rest of the money that she needed. Larry had been a close friend to her father. He felt bad about her losing her home after her parent’s passing, so he donated the rest.
Heather made some preparations for her first year in college. She got a new layered hair style with blond high-lites and bought her a couple of new outfits. She made sure to get plenty of rest the night before. She searched her phone for some soothing music to play to help her rest. She found some relaxation nature sounds on her play list. After she pressed play, she could hear seagulls cooing and the wind blowing. Then she heard waves from the ocean whooshing and splashing upon the sand. The sound of the made a gentle and peaceful sound. It didn’t take long until Heather fell quickly asleep.
The next morning Heather felt relaxed and tranquil. Her first day was here and she had to look her best. She wore her new black boots, black leather jacket and smelt of expensive perfume. Somehow driving her little red Camaro didn’t give her that since of pride it once had. Other students often admired her because of her new car. Now she just wanted to be accepted; not worry so much about being the popular girl in school.
Heather felt like the new kid in town, just like the day she arrived in Alabama at her uncle’s farm. At least this time she didn’t have to compete with other people’s misconceptions of her. She remembered how they treated her when she arrived in Huckleburg, Alabama. Country bumpkins were very rude to her because she was from New York. They didn’t like Northerners and thought that she was some spoiled rich kid.
Heather remembered how much she had hated moving to Alabama to live with a uncle she barely knew. Huckleburg used to be a place that she hated, but it had become home to her. Now for some reason, she felt homesick and missed her uncle.
As Heather hurried down the beautiful brick paved road toward the street where her first class would be, she looked around at the beautiful campus. Tall architecture buildings with intricate designs faced the main gate. Heather was surprised by the size of the campus and how it seemed like the whole town catered to the Alabama University. Streets were named after the famous college football coach, Paul Bear Bryant. A coach famous for his winning of six national championships during his tenure. Heather finally found a parking place at the end of the row, squeezing between two cars, which were parked over the line.
Don’t this just beat it all, Heather growled as she shook her head in disgust.
Knowing she was going to be late, she hurried along the pathway of fresh colorful flowers blooming along the manicured landscape on the Alabama campus. She barely made it into Morgan Hall when she tripped over the threshold and landed on her stomach, barely missing her head on the concrete floor in front of her. As she looked up, no one seemed to notice. Everyone seemed to be focused on making new friends. After she hopped up and started down the hallway, she saw kids with fashionable clothes and new school supplies lining the walls. No one seemed to worry about making it to class on time.
As Heather entered her first math class, she surveyed the room before taking a seat toward the back of the class. Only one seat remained open on the last row. As Heather approached it, some skinny red head sat down. Trying not to make a fuss, she found another seat on the row just ahead. As she sat down, she saw a young man entering the room, taking a seat on the teacher’s desk. …..

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About the Author: Tracy Kauffman is an author that resides in Decatur, Alabama with her husband and two dogs.  Tracy hopes to encourage and inspire others to live a healthy, happy life and to treat others with love, compassion and kindness, which is often incorporated into her writing.  Other works include: Southern Adventures, My Boyfriend the Squire, Richard the Lionheart, Southern Attraction, A Closer Walk and Captain Honey Bear.

The Great Author Blog Tour

Below are 5 Amazing books that I thought I would share with you. Please check them out on Amazon and share them with your friends.
1. NEARLY TWENTY YEARS HAVE PASSED since the end of the devastating war which toppled the Tagaran Empire. Following this conflict, Armea has stabilized, ceasing the threat of the Corec and other enemies alike. However, when the city of Sorranon falls to flame and fury, panic begins to grow anew. Within this panic, two strangers, claiming to hail from an apocalyptic future, find influence with powerful allies. Their goal- save Armea through the use of Anastasia Daren, a young girl living within the West. Yet, without agreeing upon the role of said girl, their differing ideals brew trouble for both king and country as other threats rise. Hope for survival, of both Armea and the world, may lie within the hands of these strangers’ orphan.
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1. Buy Link:
2.  Southern Attraction- The College Years is a 2nd Edition Book that continue the journey of Heather Brandon and her boyfriend Jake as they go off to college.  This book can be read as a stand alone book.   As Heather and Jake go off to college they are inseparable, but the stress of school, keeping up their grades and Jake getting injured seem to put a damper on their relationship.  Jake stays busy with football practice while a suave guy vies for Heather’s attentions.  Heather is perplexed in her journey of discovery and the search for happiness and peace.  She has dealt with enough heartaches and trials in her life that it is too much to bear, causing her anxiety.  Jake is wrapped up in trying to become a professional football player that he doesn’t see Heather spiraling downward.  Join Heather as she tries to overcome her adversity and search for peace that she desperately needs.

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The Pauper is a fiction story from a real life event encountered by the author. It is a story which x-rays the ugly situation in many homes and universities today and also proffers solution to it.  In the quest to have a child, a life was given; in the struggle to raise a son, a life was taken, and in the effort to end a life, a life was restored. Regret brings about repentance; repentance gives birth to forgiveness, which reproduces restoration of lost hope, wasted years, bright future and happy ending. In the Pauper, all these happened. This captivating and thrilling story will educate children and adults alike; it is must read for everyone.

4. Elayne MacNally knew one thing for certain:  Her reputation as the willful Harpy of the Highlands was well earned.  Declan MacCollough also knew one thing for certain: He did not want to follow in his father’s footsteps as Laird of the reputed “Beast Clan.”  Declan must find a wife with enough backbone to help him tame his clan. Declan offers to wed the lass – an arranged marriage.  With no other choices open to her, Elayne decides that the Laird of the Beast Clan is the only option.Playing on each other’s strengths, they maneuver around those who attempt to prevent the marriage as a play for power. However, Declan’s past affiliations with the King are not welcome by all, and the challenges to their marriage become the least of their worries.  Can Declan and Elayne trust each other enough to face the threats to the MacCollough clan and their very lives? 

Love makes the ride worthwhile…or does it?
Bob is ready to take the next step in his relationship, and he wants to marry Ava, the woman of his dreams. He’s been secretly saving up money for the “special” ring that she wants. To quicken the process, he gets a part-time job as a Ryde driver, but…Bob stumbles upon Ava’s secret. The struggle begins.
Can their relationship withstand secrets and cheating?

Love’s Ride is a literary roller-coaster ride that will make you happy, scared, excited, angry, hopeful, and more—not necessarily in that order.
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Interview With Author Stephen Edwards

How long have you been writing? 

Answer: I started writing when I was 18, and continued until I was about 32, and back then it was poetry and short stories. I just started writing again about a year ago and now it’s non-fiction. I have also kept up my writing skills in the gap with writing for the various companies I worked for.

What got you started in writing?

Answer: I was originally fascinated with words and language. Puns and fun stories were all so interesting to me. But this latest passion has been to help people get freedom and healing from depression.

What main genre do you write in and have you written in other genres?

Answer: Right now I am focused on non-fiction/self-help.

What publishing route have you used and/or what publishing company have you used?

Answer: I haven’t published this latest book yet, but I will be going with Author Academy Elite, which is a combination of self-publishing with training on marketing and becoming a public speaker.

What inspired you to write this book? Is it the 1st or in a set of books?

Answer: I got free from depression. It had plagued me for 35 years off and on. When the healing came, the must-share-my-story thoughts came soon after.

What marketing routes have you used to promote your book?

Answer: Facebook mainly.

Is writing your main career or do you have other jobs?

Answer: I have another business and other business ideas.

How do you start off writing? Do you research, brain storm, or just set the title and go from there?

Answer: I get a little scattered. I need to plan and make an outline. Otherwise, the writing will go uncontrollably in the wrong direction!

Who inspires you to write and do they help with ideas for the book?

Answer: It’s the people I want to help. I used to say to myself that if someone else can get free from something, I can get free from that same something. I believe we are all alike, so I see that the tables have turned and it would not be fair to pass on this opportunity.

If you could write one last book what would it be about?

Answer: Anything encouraging.

What advice would you give a new author?

Answer: Develop your passion. With your passion on fire anything is possible.

If you had to tell a new author something to watch out for in writing, what would it be?

Answer: Watch out for people who tell you that you should write differently. You are you. Unique. Don’t change the way you write to match the way someone else wants you to write. Let them write their own way, because your style is your style and it’s unique. Unique makes you stand out.

How do you respond to bad reviews or if you haven’t ever had one, tell me how you would respond if you got one?

Answer: Thank you. (Anything else is going to fall flat.)

Do you have anyone to read your book and give you advice on it before it is published?

Answer: I have six beta readers right now. I’ve also had one who read my early drafts and was healed by it.

Pretend this is a job interview. Tell me about yourself as an person and/or author?

Since high school, I’ve been good at writing and expressing myself on paper. To express myself orally, I don’t do well. So, writing is a way for me to succeed at self-expression! I can sense from the feedback I’ve had so far that this first book is going to be a healing experience for many. That’s a really good feeling! And it multiplies my passion to write more.


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Interview with Author Harel R. Lawrence

Amazing interview with Author   Tragedy can happen at any time.  This author gives gives us some insight into this and who we can go to for peace and comfort.  Read his interview and book blurb below.

1. How long have you been writing? I have been writing for almost 30 yrs. I was first published in 1993 in a book of poems and my first book was published in 2002
2.What got you started in writing? I was inspired to write when I was in High School English class. I read a book by Mark Twain and Laura Ingalls Wilder.
3. What main genre do you write in and have you written in other genres? I don’t have a specific genre to write in because I have several genre I write in. I written Inspirational, Children’s, Young Adult, Romance, Thriller, and Working on a Mystery book.

4. What publishing route have you used and/or what publishing company have you used? I have used two different publishers, the first publisher I used was a type of vanity press where I had to pay money, the second publisher turned out to be a rip off. The last three books I published were self- published.

5. What inspired you to write this book? Is it the 1st or in a set of books? The recent book I was inspired because of being bullied in school and the school violence. This is my fifth book I self-published.

6. What marketing routes have you used to promote your book? I have used press releases, newspaper ads, social media, paid advertising, and free advertising.

7. Is writing your main career or do you have other jobs? Writing is currently a hobby right now, it is just extra money. I have other jobs

8. How do you start off writing? Do you research, brain storm, or just set the title and go from there? I start off with the title and then start typing. I usually do research on the topic I am writing about. I sometime brain storm for the title, other times I just set the title and start writing.

9. Who inspires you to write and do they help with ideas for the book? I don’t have any person to inspire me to write I just allow any ideas I have and write them down. Sometimes I am inspired by events, or places I been.

10. If you could write one last book what would it be about? It would be a biography about my life as an author.

11. What advice would you give a new author? Do research on the topic you are writing, read a lot of books in the genre you are interested in writing, never pay anyone to publish your book, hire a professional editor, don’t give up on writing. Continue to improve your ability to write.
12. If you had to tell a new author something to watch out for in writing, what would it be? Watch out for vanity publishers that wants you to pay them to get published. Be sure to get references from people who inquires you they are interested in editing, and publishing your book.
13. How do you respond to bad reviews or if you havent ever had one, tell me how you would respond if you got one? Any bad reviews you get , don’t let it discourage you. Use those as a way to improve your writing. I haven’t had any bad reviews most of the reviews I have gotten were very positive reviews.

14. Do you have anyone to read your book and give you advice on it before it is published? I have a few friends that are willing to read it first. I sometimes ask on social media for any advice before I publish my book.

15. Tell us about yourself: Harel Ray Lawrence is an award-winning Young Adult Author, Substitute Teacher, and Missouri Native, driven to create positive change in people’s lives through the power of creative storytelling. To date, his work has been showcased in “Eyes on Magazine” and he has received numerous awards, including Who’s Who in Poetry and Editor’s Choice Award.

In addition to recently publishing “Take a Closer Look: A Spiritual Journey into the Soul” and various others books, he also released a music album. Furthermore, Harel holds an Associate’s degree in Law Enforcement and a B.S. degree in Criminal Justice Administration.

A Friend cover 2

Youth Pastor Brian Hanson knows loss. He’s lived with it since his teen daughter’s suicide. Instead of wallowing in his grief, he’s devoted his life to educating young people about the hazards of bullying.
Johnny is an outcast among his peers. Born into a troubled family, taunted at school, and struggling to find his place in the world, the despondent young man believes there’s no hope for him. His skewed beliefs push him to contemplate the unthinkable, but Pastor Brian isn’t prepared to allow another child to end his life.
Patricia is the epitome of the girl-next-door. Beautiful, full of life, skilled cheerleader, she’s adored by all. Girls want to be just like her. Boys want to be with her. But not every aspect of her life is perfect. Her star quarterback boyfriend lives life on the wild side. One mistake in the dark of night changes her life forever.
Three lives. Each touched by tragedy. Each craving something greater. Can they find peace, happiness, and a new zest for life after so much loss?

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Website :

Interview With Jon Koons

Sat down with Author Jon Koons to talk about writing and his new book: Willoughby’s Time & Space App.  jonphoto
1. How long have you been writing?
Forever. I wrote stories and song lyrics when I was ten. Got more into it around the college years, and had my first story published in a legit anthology about a decade later in 1994. The story, THE ADVENTURE OF THE MISSING COUNTESS, a Sherlock Holmes pastiche, first appeared in The Game Is Afoot: Parodies, Pastiches, and Ponderings of Sherlock Holmes— edited by Marvin Kaye. Oddly, since then that story has been reproduced in another anthology, in a magazine, and has been turned into a stage play, and incorporated into two others.
2.What got you started in writing?
Just a way to be creative, I suppose. Found out that I didn’t suck at it, and kept going. One of my short story collections is called: A FEW STORIES THAT WERE TRAPPED INSIDE MY HEAD And Just Had To Get Out.
3. What main genre do you write in and have you written in other genres?
I have written in every genre, even non-fiction and editorial, however I gravitate towards humorous science fiction and fantasy.
4. What publishing route have you used and/or what publishing company have you used?
My two previous children’s picture books, A CONFUSED HANUKKAH and ARTHUR AND GUEN, were published by Dutton Children’s Books, a division of Penguin, one of the largest publishers in the world. The industry has changed drastically since then, so my current novel was published by a hybrid online publisher who essentially prints and distributes through Amazon. I am not, as many people do, trying to become the world’s best selling online author. I have published the current novel (and will the upcoming sequel) primarily to get some notice and good reviews, then to pitch the series to a traditional publisher.
5. What inspired you to write this book? Is it the 1st or in a set of books?
Actually wrote the initial version of book decades ago. Probably just for fun. Was asked to rewrite it as a YA by an editor who subsequently didn’t buy it. (sigh) Dug it out last year and completely rewrote it, stem to stern, to accommodate new technology, current YA sensibilities and modes of speech. This is the first in a trilogy, although if it is picked up and sells well, it will likely become a trilogy of 6 (like Hitchhiker’s guide To The Galaxy, to which my book has been compared). Who knows? Maybe I’ll end  up with forty novels, like Terry Pratchett’s Discworld series (to which my book has also been compared).
6. What marketing routes have you used to promote your book?
Freebees, contests, social media, email blasts. All the normal stuff that everyone does these days.
7. Is writing your main career or do you have other jobs?
Although I would like it to be one day, I write along side being an actor, singer, director and multi-talent variety performer. That means I do virtually all of the variety and circus skills out there. Magic, juggling, stilt walking, fire eating, etc. Plus graphic design and pretty much everything in the fine and performing arts.
8. How do you start off writing? Do you research, brain storm, or just set the title and go from there?
Just have an idea, sit down at the keyboard and see where it takes me. Research is done along the way as needed. I create a mental, sometimes written, outline and then let the story write itself. I rarely plot out specifics unless I’m doing a serious murder mystery or such, and then only sometimes. I do like to listen to my characters and see where they want to go.
9. Who inspires you to write and do they help with ideas for the book?
Life inspires me to write. Everyone I see or talk to helps with ideas.
10. If you could write one last book what would it be about?
About 70,000 words.
11. What advice would you give a new author?
I would give the same advice I give to wannabe actors: There are only two kinds of people who write— The kind who have to write because it’s in their blood and they can’t do anything else; and the kind who don’t write. Run with it, stick to it, and revise, revise, revise!
12. If you had to tell a new author something to watch out for in writing, what would it be?
Be grateful for any and all comments, criticism and advice that you can get— then sort it out for yourself and write what and how you feel. Take good advice from those you respect. Don’t sweat the rest. Also, rules of writing, just like painting or acting or whatnot, are for people who don’t write. They are made to be broken, as long as you understand them first. I, for example, punctuate the way I want to, and have a whole introduction in the book I’m currently writing as to how and why.
13. How do you respond to bad reviews or if you havent ever had one, tell me how you would respond if you got one?
If I can respond to a bad review, which is usually not possible (and of which I have had very few), I try to find out the specific reasons behind the review, and what I might be able to do to use them as suggestions to become a better writer (actor, artist, etc.). That being said, reviews these days are largely by people just to make themselves feel important, and have little to actually do with your work. Mostly codswallop, so I feel free to ignore most of them and stumble on. [I recently got a review of the audiobook in which someone says that a character’s speech is too old fashioned, and people don’t talk like that anymore— obviously missing the fact that the character was born in the mid 1800’s, and left planet Earth by about the 1920’s. Speaks too old fashioned indeed. These are the reviews, from people who don’t even pay attention to what the book is about, that I completely discount.]
14. Do you have anyone to read your book and give you advice on it before it is published?
Always. Always have some trusted family and friends (my wife, son, author friends, etc.) to give you their opines before going to print.
15. Pretend this is a job interview, Tell me about yourself as an person and/or author?

This is best handled by the bio on my author website:

Jon Koons is an author who resides in New Jersey, U.S.A. But please don’t hold that against him. He has written everything from children’s picture books to short stories to scripts and novels. His work can be found as print books, ebooks, audiobooks, in anthologies such as Cool Sports Dad; The Game is Afoot: Parodies, Pastiches and Ponderings of Sherlock Holmes; The Big Book of Sherlock Holmes Stories; as well as in periodicals like Sherlock Holmes Mystery Magazine (are you sensing a theme here?), Weird Tales Magazine, The Jewish Standard (of all places), and lining bird cages across the country. As a frequent contributor of short fiction and book reviews to Weird Tales Magazine he was eventually made an Associate Editor, meaning he gets to correct other authors’ punctuation and spelling. Although Jon writes in just about every genre, his focus is on science fiction and fantasy that is humorous. At least to him.
Also known as a performer under his nom de plume (which obviously means ‘name with feathers’) of The JestMaster, Jon does ridiculous things like magic, ventriloquism, walking on stilts, eating fire and riding a Penny Farthing bicycle; for which he has garnered acclaim, awards, second degree burns and cracked ribs. As an actor Jon has appeared on Broadway (in a show that closed after only a couple of weeks—but it wasn’t his fault, he swears), on TV, in commercials and in such classic films as Revenge of the Nerds 3: The Next Generation. He also produces and narrates audiobooks, saving him the expense of having someone else do it.
After twiddling around with writing all that other stuff seemingly forever, now at an age over half a century old (advanced, yes, but not too crusty, because as you know fifty is the new forty-nine) he has finally become a published novelist. His fondest desire as an author is that after you have read all the Douglas Adams, Terry Pratchett and Christopher Moore novels you can get ahold of, that you give his novels a shot. Admittedly there is only one at the moment, but as long as people keep buying it there will be plenty more to come.
In his dubious spare time, Jon hangs out in his big old house with mice in the walls and in serious need of repair, with his wife Mikki, who is a talented woodwind player and the love of his life; his miraculous son Merlin Ryan, a chip off the old block—heaven help him; their ferret Grig; and an ever changing cast of characters, both real and imaginary. @trappedstories


Book Blurb:
Two Human Teens. One Intergalactic Resort. An Alien Pageant Under Attack. Time to Party!
When a trip to the mall goes from weird to WTF?, high school students Brad and Stephanie find themselves transported to the oddest and most wonderful place in the universe. Or some universe at least. It’s like Club Med, but more like Club Mashup, filled with a cadre of strange and unusual aliens.
With memberships to the only Intergalactic, Pan-Dimensional, Crosstime Resort in the cosmos, our heroes must foil a plot by dastardly villains bent on its conquest. What can two human teens do about it? Throw a party, of course! Along with the very first Intergalactic Beauty (?) Pageant.
Can they get contestants from countless cockeyed worlds to join their pageant, best the baddies, and save the planet?
Willoughby’s Time & Space App is the first exciting book in a series of over-the-top YA sci-fi novels. If you’re into daring teens, incredible alien worlds, and intergalactic escapades, you’ll love Jon Koons’ hilarious tale.
Buy Willoughby’s Time & Space App and embark on this wacky, out-of-this-world adventure today!
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Interview with Author DeAndrea Byrd

Copy of CAS_3220
Thought you might find this interesting!  Sat down with Author DeAndrea Byrd about her writing career and what book she wanted you to check out.  Here is the interview:
1. How long have you been writing?
I have secretly been writing all my life, via poems, notebooks, short stories etc. I was inspired at a young age by my mom and grandmother. The were both writers.
2.What got you started in writing?
What got me serious about writing professionally, was other people’s need for information. 
3. What main genre do you write in and have you written in other genres?
My specialties include “How To” books, workbooks and journals for entrepreneurs
4. What publishing route have you used and/or what publishing company have you used?
I took the self publishing route via Amazon Createspace (now KDP Kindle publishing)
5. What inspired you to write this book? Is it the 1st or in a set of books?
I noticed I was being asked the same question over and over ” How do you plan those big sold out events DeAndrea? How did you get vendors and sponsors at your event? I decided to put all my knowledge, research and experience into a book. 
6. What marketing routes have you used to promote your book?
I have mainly used social media as my biggest marketing strategy. I also use vendor events, speaking engagements and old school flyer tactics
7. Is writing your main career or do you have other jobs?
Writing is not my main career yet, but I do consider myself an infoprenuer.
8. How do you start off writing? Do you research, brain storm, or just set the title and go from there?
Brainstorming is my first go-to-action. I use journals and Google Docs to brain dump option. Because I have such a creative mind, its important that I get my ideas out right away. I refer back to my journals and docs as needed.
Then I go back and outline my thoughts, develop at least 3-5 title ideas, and commit to a writing schedule.
9. Who inspires you to write and do they help with ideas for the book?
I am inspired my life, earth, my family and experiences to write. Life is my school and inspiration.
10. If you could write one last book what would it be about?
If it was my last day on earth and I could write 1 last book, I would totally write my memoirs. They would all be short stories mixed with letters to myself.
11. What advice would you give a new author?
Listen to yourself, Breathe and just do it. The world needs you.
12. If you had to tell a new author something to watch out for in writing, what would it be?
Do not let fear, grammatically errors and other people’s opinions make you procrastinate
13. How do you respond to bad reviews or if you havent ever had one, tell me how you would respond if you got one? Bad reviews get no response from me. They are just not my target audience and that’s ok. I would use every review to make my work better.
14. Do you have anyone to read your book and give you advice on it before it is published?
Yes. I also do a test “FREEBIE” and give the book out via digital download to get feedback.
15. Pretend this is a job interview, Tell me about yourself as an person and/or author?
DeAndrea, the daughter, sister, mother, wife, author, business owner, aka super women. Helping others and teaching are my super powers. DeAndrea Byrd is a seasoned business coach and consultant. As a self-taught entrepreneur, she has launched multiple successful businesses both online and in a traditional brick-and-mortar setting and has a passion for helping other entrepreneurs automate their business, create a workflow strategy, and increase their profits by creating digital products. 
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Link to purchase book:
Link to all books:

Captain Honey Bear – Kids Book

Captain Honey Bear is a cute kids book, short story, about a bear who has to serve a sentence for stealing honey from a bee’s nest.  It teaches kids good morals including having compassion and forgiveness for others. It is inspiring and uplifting story for the young at heart. Please check out this book by Tracy Kauffman on Amazon.  It is available on Kindle Ebook and in Print. Buy Here:


Tracy Kauffman is a kids and young adult author who writes fictional books for enjoyment, while trying to teach that good morals go a long way.  Visit her author profile here.

8 Steps to Business Success

Businesswoman working in office

There are a few things that are a definite step toward success. Whether you are a small business just getting started or a larger corporation, these basic steps will lead you to a successful business.

1. Personal branding is a must for the new entrepreneur.  People need to know what your company or business is all about. Personal branding could be a logo design, trademark, a set of business guidelines, website or place where others come to learn about you.

2. Stay active.  Seems pretty easy and self-explanatory but most often businesses give up before they become successful.  They work hard for the first few months but give up due to lack of resources, time, energy and faith.  Authors need to write some every day in order to accomplish their goals.

3. Research and Take Rapid Action. What this means is that you can do some research about your product.  Find out what sells, who the buyer is, what a good price for your product and then take immediate action. Whatever you need to do to accomplish your end goal is what you need to do.  Don’t wait for someone else to help you, don’t wait for the economy to get better, take swift action now.

4. Market and Advertise your business.  Whatever product or service your business provides, you need to have a marketing plan in place.  Look at a business plan and write down certain marketing actions that will help you promote your business and then follow them.

5. Stay motivated.  Nothing kills a business more than lack of determination. Don’t give up so easily.  Every business will have stumbling blocks in the way. Your job is to find a way around those.

6. Continue to Expand- Most companies are continually adding new products and services.  Just like any business, a writer must continue to put out books in order to stay successful.

7. Set a Budget- Establishing a set amount of money for marketing should be in your budget.  Write down how much you need for each expense, such as: Overhead, office expense, utilities, travel, food, supplies, etc…

8. Engage the Customer- Any business needs to interact with their customers, either by face to face interaction or through emails or online support. A writer might set up speaking engagements, book signings or attend book seminars.

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The Camouflaged Cross- Book 1: Just Run by Cal Wilson

CC1_Cover_Kindle_5142015Book Blurp:

Have you ever wondered what the true Biblical End Times will look like? Where society has totally broken down and evil forces are at work, both worldwide and locally, to take control of what is left?

Nuclear bombs smuggled into shipping containers have blown up several American port cities. Riots have broken out among the hungry survivors. Train tracks have been sabotaged to cause derailments, municipal water supplies have been poisoned, ground-to-air missiles have been smuggled into the country to shoot down passenger airplanes, crop-dusters have been used to spread disease in crowded cities, and electrical sub-stations have been attacked to shut down the electrical grid and make sure that anyone left alive is in the dark. In the face of all this death and destruction, most of the survivors foolishly try and prepare for a return to normalcy.

Several Christian prepper families have converged upon an agreed-upon retreat location to try and survive what is clearly a final break-down of society, just as was predicted in the Bible. Join Jesse, his wife Mary, their daughter Melissa, and their prepper friends from church who have, after years of prepping and stockpiling supplies, are forced to go to their retreat location in hopes of fighting and surviving all of the multiple threats to come.

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The American president, who had been widely distrusted by the Christian community, was attending a conference in Jerusalem, to celebrate the mid-point of his much-heralded seven-year, universal peace treaty. Most other world leaders also attended. This treaty had succeeded in keeping world peace as never before. Even skeptics had been impressed with the peace kept by this treaty, engineered by the American president.
The location of this conference, believed to be the location of Solomon’s Temple from biblical times, was chosen to emphasize the historical significance of the occasion.

However, during the conference, nuclear bombs concealed inside shipping containers exploded simultaneously at several American east-coast port cities. For those who survived the nuclear bombs, full-scale rioting ensued, making the cities involved a vast wasteland of death and destruction. Fearing the same attacks, other port cities that had not been attacked halted all shipping operations, resulting in shortages of essential supplies and food. People in those cities also rioted.
All the rioters in American port cities not only demanded a resumption of the shipments of food, but they also resented the fact that any semblance of privacy they had had was gone, ostensibly in order to protect against terrorist attacks like what just happened. Rational observers of the situation agreed that this was one of the few times when the frustrations of rioters, if not the actions, actually made sense. Government snooping of phone calls, e-mails, texts, computer hard-drives, credit card and online purchases, and all other aspects of life in America had produced no noticeable increase in security, as had been promised. Facial recognition cameras had even been set up in city centers, recording the identities and travelling of drivers and pedestrians through the cities. Yet, this end of privacy had still not halted the attacks.

Soon after the nuclear explosions in the American port cities, terrorist sleeper cells inside the United States began operations in which they attacked electrical substations – those unprotected junctions of electrical power lines where the voltage in the lines is regulated for further movement into a nearby city – with machine guns in an attempt to cut off the power grid and all communications. At first, the nationwide coordinated attacks on power substations, dubbed “Metcalfing” after the location of the 2013 dry run, had scattered success. Nevertheless, several major American cities still had power.

Southern Attraction- Young Adult Romance Book

Southern Attraction Coverart (2)

After tornadoes blast through Alabama in April of 2011; I wrote this book in memory of those that lost their homes or even their lives.  After seeing the tornado destruction and losing power for over a week, and seeing many lives changed that day, I wanted people to remember what happened not only to the state of Alabama but throughout the south.
Southern Attraction is a young adult romance book about a girl who loses her parents and is forced to live with a country-fied redneck uncle from Alabama. There she has to rediscover who she really is.  She goes from the snooty beauty queen cheerleader to part of the southern charm.  She has to choose between two young men that she likes.

Heather has everything she ever wanted; money, clothes, friends, popularity and parents that adored her. Until one terrible day, she loses it all. She is uprooted from a place she loves to a small town in Alabama with a uncle she doesn’t know. The small town of Huckleburg was nothing like Manhattan. Country rednecks owned the town and no one accepted Yankees from New York. Heather didn’t think things could get worse until a tornado comes and blast through the small town. Heather has to lose herself to rediscover what life is all about. She meets two guys that she can’t decide between who she really wants. Join Heather as she discovers that there is more to life than money and fame. Will Heather ever fit in and find true love or will she remain an outsider living in the south.


“Uncle Mick, something is wrong with my television. Can you fix it?” she yelled through the walls to Mick. Within seconds she heard an alarm sounding. “What in the —-”, she said. Her bedroom door came flinging open and Mick ran inside. “Heather, there’s a tornado warning going on. We got to head to the storm pit!” he exclaimed.

“What?” Heather questioned. “I said come on,” Mick said as he grabbed her arm and pulled her behind him. Heather didn’t know what to think. She had never been in a place where tornadoes ever doomed the city, so she just followed Mick’s lead..

As Mick opened the front door, Heather was stunned to see the sky so dark. It had only been a few minutes that she drove into the driveway with a clear sky. Now suddenly a dark cloud hovered overhead. Heather and Mick ran toward the back of the house. Heather started to worry when she saw a cement looking building carved into the ground. Mick grabbed the door handle and pulled it.

“Get inside quick or we are going to be blown away!” he exclaimed. Heather could hear a roaring sound like a strong wind approaching them. She turned to look at the sky when she saw a funnel shaped cloud in the distance. Suddenly, fear came over her and she didn’t know what to say or do. Mick pushed her inside, and he pulled the door closed. Then he latched the door closed. “What are we going to do?” she cried.

“Don’t worry, we are safe in here. I’ve been through several of these storms in the past and everything will be fine,” Mick said, trying to console her. Mick tried to act calm for Heather’s sake but deep down he was terrified. He was worried that the tornado was going to blow the door off the storm pit, and they were going to be sucked out into the twister. He had been fortunate in the past to escape a tornado’s fury, when it ravaged his neighbor’s farm and left his untouched. He wasn’t convinced that this time, he would be as lucky.

Mick’s words of encouragement did nothing to calm Heather’s nerves. She was more scared than she ever had been before. She didn’t know what to expect or what to think about the idea of a tornado approaching. That is something that she never had to experience living in Manhattan.

An extreme fear came over her and she was in shock. Yes, her parents’ passing had traumatized her, but she never felt this type of terror and doom before in her life. She was afraid that this could end her life and Mick’s and she wasn’t ready to leave this world yet. She felt her life was just beginning. She hadn’t lived the life that she always wanted to live. Mick could see the panic in Heather’s eyes and by the expression on her face. Mick heard Heather mumbling something that he couldn’t make out. Then he saw her close her eyes as if she were praying. She cried as she asked God to forgive her and to protect her and Mick from the storm. Heather wasn’t a religious girl but she believed in a higher power. She believed in God as a creator of all things. She knew that now was the best time to make her peace with God, because she didn’t know if she would make it to live another day.

Then suddenly without warning they both heard loud noises coming from outside. Heather heard a crash like something had been hit by a fast moving train. Then she head a hard thud and some clattering and crashing sounds. Her body could feel vibrations through the ground and the walls.

“Lord, I don’t want to die, please help us God,” she cried. Trying to keep his emotions to himself, Mick reached out to hug Heather. She held her uncle tightly hoping that the storm would soon be over.

The vibrations from the ground grew stronger while the deafening booming sounds got louder and louder. Then all of the sudden, there was a complete silence. The storm had only lasted a few minutes, but it felt like an eternity to Heather. After everything became quiet, Heather fell to her knees and began to sob.

“Heather it’s over, don’t worry,” Mick said. Mick was concerned and worried what kind of terror was going on inside of her head. He could see her distress, but he didn’t know what to do, except hold her until she stopped crying. He was hoping that he could regain his own composure in the process.

“Everything will be alright, I promise,” he consoled.

After sitting on the concrete floor for several minutes, Heather finally quit shaking. After seeing Heather come back to herself, Mick leaped up off the concrete floor and went to open the door to the outside. The sky began to lighten and he walked outside to look around. Heather slowly got up on her feet and crept outside. She was taken back at the sight she saw before her eyes. A pile of rubble sat where the house once stood. All she could see was a dirty field full of debris. Their furniture and possessions looked like garbage, scattered acrosss the ground.“Are you okay,” Mick asked.“Yes, I’ll be fine,” Heather replied. After climbing over a pile of of wood Mick said, “Look, your car is over there and there is my truck. Maybe they are driveable.”  “I guess things could be worse. At least we weren’t injured,” Mick said as he surveyed the area. “How can you say that? You lost everything in that terrible storm. Don’t you care that we are both now homeless?” Heather asked with frustration. “I know you are upset, but we’ll figure something out.”Heather couldn’t understand why Mick was so calm and unemotional. He has lost his mind or something, she thought.

Mick walked over to his truck and tried to crank it. The truck started up without a hitch. “Come on Heather, let’s go see if someone might need our help.” Heather was still a little shaken up and confused when she followed Mick to his truck and climbed inside. Mick started to drive down the gravel road leading away from his farm when they observed a horrendous sight. They both were astounded at what they saw before their eyes. They looked around as Mick drove and they saw piles of debris scattered along the road and fields. They noticed the path of destruction was over several miles and only a few homes were left untouched.

“It is weird but it looks like the tornado picked its targets,” Heather said. “I see what you mean. Some houses are left and others are completely gone. It even cleared out all the trees,”Mick replied. Mick pulled over to the side of the road by a mound of rubble. He jumped out of the truck and ran over to where a house once stood. “Is there anyone in there?” he yelled.

Please help us!” Noises came from underneath the wood fragments. Mick ran to the debris and started pulling off planks of wood and garbage. “Come help me!” Mick exclaimed as he motioned for Heather. Heather quickly hurried to help Mick pull off the jagged and sharp boards from the heap of rubble. “Be careful, these have nails in them,” Mick instructed.Finally, Mick could see an older couple peering out from underneath the wreckage. He dug faster but carefully trying not to injure them. At last, an elderly man and woman climbed out from underneath. “Thank you! Thank God, you came. We don’t know how long we would have been under there,” the man said. Heather could see how glad the man and woman were that they were rescued. Suddenly Heather felt good that she was able to help the couple. After checking for injuries, Mick told the couple that they were going to look for other people who needed help. They waved goodbye as they quickly drove down the rode. So many people were out examining the area looking for survivors and anyone that was trapped.

Heather saw steel power lines snapped in two. Cars and trucks were turned upside down on their axles. Huge trees were uprooted and pulled up from the ground with the roots lying on top of the ground. Cement slabs were robbed of the houses that once stood on their surfaces. Shreds of cloth that once resembled clothing lay on the ground. Pieces of twisted tin were wrapped around trees that still stood amongst the wreckage.

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