Living with Passion: A Young Woman Living With Huntington’s Disease Journey to Truly Live with Passion


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I am a young women who is passionate about every thing I do in my life. I was born to be a teacher but because of my Huntington’s Disease, I had to quit my job as a teacher. I now teach the world about my disease and will forever have a teacher’s heart. I use writing to deal with what I have been dealt and it’s very therapeutic for me.

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Introduction: I am a 24 year old living with a neurodegenerative genetic disorder called Huntington’s Disease. I was diagnosed at a very young age of 23 years old and showing signs at 20 years old. This is a very young age for someone with HD as the average onset of symptoms is 35-55 years old. Being so young and being diagnosed with such an awful disease is a hard thing but it was a weight off of my shoulders once I was officially diagnosed. I have always known I had the 50/50 percent chance of inheriting the HD gene because my Dad, grandfather, eight aunts and uncles also had the gene. When I was diagnosed, I was able to begin living it with it, rather than continuing to constantly fear the unknown. Having HD has positively affected my out look on life. I try to always take in the good moments, and live more in the moment, whether that; is squeezing my nieces, nephews, and God son tighter and more often, soaking in that sun shine, laughing with my family and friends more, and thanking my support system more often. I do my hardest to live each day passionately. Yes, it would be easy for me to stay in bed all day, but I believe that solves nothing, so I wake up each day and live. I make plans with my support system and I keep going. I am so grateful for my support system because if I did not have them it would be ten times easier to stay in bed. I say to myself, “I can stay at home alone or I can go somewhere with people I love,” and I always choose to go. I may not be working, but I ever rarely spend a day home where I have no visitors or am not out with people. Due to my HD, I have no idea what my future holds, if there is no cure or better treatments I will deteriorate and continue to loose my ability to walk, talk, and think properly. I keep my faith and hope alive and pray each day. At 24 years old and being diagnosed with an awful disease, my faith and relationship with God have been strengthened. I have a new found love of writing and it has become very therapeutic to get my feelings, frustrations and fears out. When I was first seeing my neurologist, Dr. Frank and genetic counselor , Lauren, I constantly felt like the elephant in the room and was also trying to figure out who knew I was seeing Dr. Frank and who did not know. Those who did know seemed scared to bring it up. I could never have done it without the push from my sister Liz, but I was ready to say this is me and I am living with an awful disease but I am doing so passionately ,so I started a blog. The responses that I received were utterly amazing and incredible. I received messages from my family, friends, and people I had not talked to in years telling me how I had them in tears and they were praying for me I have loved nothing more than sharing my HD journey with the world. I do it for therapy and awareness. I without a doubt consider myself an advocate. I have people who tell me that I have changed their outlook on life and inspired them to live better. I feel humbled when I hear this. To me I am a normal person living with an abnormal disease who has decided to show my true strength, not let the HD get the best of me, fight it, and live passionately. I always had the power, strength, fearlessness, and grace to deal with it inside of me before I just was not aware of it until I truly needed it! I get my strength, passion, fearlessness, joy, and happiness all from my angel Dad, who lost his fight to HD December 26, 2003. This memoir is a tribute, dedication and honor to him, who he was and what he stood for. I would love nothing more than you being a part of my journey. When reading along it just might make you cry, but if anything I hope it will make you smile and have happy tears. I hope my story will change you for the better just as my HD has done to me. I hope reading my journey, the good and the bad of my HD, will inspire you to appreciate what you do have and to live with a more positive outlook on life.”

Writing to Edify

walkSo many authors are in the world today. It is hard to know who is writing for wealth, fame, riches; I want to tell you that my main purpose is to encourage you and edify you into gaining wisdom. Knowledge is great but wisdom is from above. I recently have written an E-Book called, “Walking with the Father”. The purpose of this book was to share what I have learned with others. This book should help you with your Christian walk with God. It is free on Smashwords by clicking this link:

Walking With the Father is a Christian based book that helps those that might be struggling with their faith or who simply want to increase their relationship with God. Many of us have been in a place where we have sought after God. We have been confused, broken hearted, lonely or in search of answers. We have desperately needed to find help in times of trouble. Walking With the Father is a spiritual handbook designed to give you the answers you seek. It is a Christian guidebook that clearly lays out ways to guide you in the right direction to becoming closer to God.


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I tried to give it free on Amazon but couldn’t so the price is .99 cents for Amazon’s fees.

Steps To: How to Write a Book- Post Three

Student Writing

After deciding on your topic, writing an outline and doing your research, it is now time to start writing. In the last post, you were told to write your first sentence. The main sentence of the whole manuscript is the first one. It tells the reader what the book will be about to some point and then it will draw them in.

Begin writing your first paragraph by using your thesis sentence. Then work on one paragraph at a time. Don’t tell everything that will happen in your first paragraph. Leave the reader guessing what will happen next. Don’t go into a full head-on discussion about each character. That is what dialogue is for, to bring in more information about the characters and their reactions to things. To learn more about dialogue, visit this link:

Word upon word, line upon line, here a little and there a little. Then before long you will have a full manuscript. Don’t expect to finish your first book in a month or less. It usually doesn’t work this fast; unless you plan on staying awake without sleeping, working or resting. Don’t worry about editing at this point. Editing should come after you have completed the entire manuscript.

To learn more about editing, visit these two post.



Good luck and get started! Prepare an area where you can write without too many distractions. Put your answering machine on and relax. It will come to you if you have done your research and followed the previous two posts that I wrote.

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Steps To: How to Write a Book- Post Two

After you have decided on what topic that you are going to write about, the next step is writing an outline.
Some authors use this approach each and every time they start writing their novels. It is a good way to get an insight into how your book will flow.

In college I took English 101 where the main thing we did was write essays. Each essay had to have an introductory paragraph with a thesis sentence, at least three paragraphs that explain your thesis, and a conclusion. You can look at that and get an idea of how you what to set up an outline. Your introductory paragraph should have a thesis or first sentence that grabs your reader’s attention. It should give the reader some clue what the book will be about.

Once you have a thesis sentence and your topic, write an outline about things you might want to talk about in the story. Brainstorm for at least five minutes writing down things that might interest the reader. Come up with at least your main character. You don’t have to have all the character names and qualities decided, but it helps to have at least your main character developed in your mind. If your topic is about medicine, history, education, sports you might not need a character to tell the story.

Link to Post One: How to Write a Book:

Example of an outline:

Topic: Football
Thesis: Walter Peyton was the greatest running back of the century, leading the Chicago Bears to the Superbowl.

I Hall of Famer
II. His Position
III Stats

“Sweetness” as some known him was one of the best players for the Chicago Bears during his thirteen seasons. He is one of the most memorable running backs of all time. His stats of most yards gained, touchdowns, yards for carry, and his endurance earned him his ‘Hall of Fame’ award in 1993.

Brainstorming Example


Are “The Great Gatsby” Reviews Understandable

Can anyone really be that shocked that “The Great Gatsby’s” reviews are so terrible?  I remember reading this great book when I was in high school.  It was one of the books that I found myself enamored by.  It has all the necessary elements that make up a great book.  An intriguing plot, conflict, tragedy, romance, and a highly esteemed character.  The author, F. Scott Fitzgerald was way before his time.  He knew the inner hopes, dreams and desires of individuals and was able to capture that perfectly on paper.  So many value their position in life on money and riches.  How could a movie producer possibly recapture the essence that F. Scott Fitzgerald wrote about and come up with a different twist in a movie format.   The movie was doomed to fail from the start.  To make a movie, one must have a screenwriter.  If this person knows nothing about the jazz age or writes in a different way, they can not possibly capture the same indispensable properties of a work classified as a masterpiece.  I’m not saying the producers were not brilliant and experts in their field of movies.  I’m saying it is difficult to recapture something the second time after having enjoyed it so tremedously the first time.  At least they got the leading role part played by Leonardo Dicaprio right.  His acting capabilities, good looks and charm make it impossible to hate him. 


The Great Big Book Tour

1) What is the working title of your book? The book that I’m promoting is Southern Adventures and it was just released December 18th.

 2) Where did the idea come from for your book? This is the very first book that I wrote and it is about my life growing up in the south.

3) What genre does your book fall under? My book is Young adult fiction/Christian but it can be considered a coming of age book.

   4) What is the one sentence synopsis of your book? Kay Harrison is a woman recalling her childhood growing up in the south, and she realizes that God was helping her throughout her life through the trials and the good times.

5) What other books are similiar to yours? Similiar books would be Little Women, Adventures of Tom Sawyer. 

6) How long did it take you to write the first draft of  your manuscript? I would say about six months to a year because I would write and lay it down a while and then start writing it again.

7) What other book would you compare this story to? I would say my book is a lot like Little Women.  It talks about my sisters and me.  I feel like it could be an adventure story too because it has several parts that talk about how Kay Harrison was always getting into trouble one way or another.

8) Who or what inspired you to write the book? I started to write this book when my son left home for the Air Force and I wanted to keep my mind on something other than him leaving home.

9) What else about your book might interest the readers? I believe if you like to laugh there are parts that will make you laugh.  If you want to be shocked than there are parts that will shock you.  It is a book that will just about interest any book lover.

10)Which actors would you choose to play in your movie rendition?

Suri Cruise as Kay

James Marsden as Ty
Pierce Brosnan as Carlton
Megan Fox as Kay
Sandra Bullock as Faye

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