8 Steps to Business Success

Businesswoman working in office

There are a few things that are a definite step toward success. Whether you are a small business just getting started or a larger corporation, these basic steps will lead you to a successful business.

1. Personal branding is a must for the new entrepreneur.  People need to know what your company or business is all about. Personal branding could be a logo design, trademark, a set of business guidelines, website or place where others come to learn about you.

2. Stay active.  Seems pretty easy and self-explanatory but most often businesses give up before they become successful.  They work hard for the first few months but give up due to lack of resources, time, energy and faith.  Authors need to write some every day in order to accomplish their goals.

3. Research and Take Rapid Action. What this means is that you can do some research about your product.  Find out what sells, who the buyer is, what a good price for your product and then take immediate action. Whatever you need to do to accomplish your end goal is what you need to do.  Don’t wait for someone else to help you, don’t wait for the economy to get better, take swift action now.

4. Market and Advertise your business.  Whatever product or service your business provides, you need to have a marketing plan in place.  Look at a business plan and write down certain marketing actions that will help you promote your business and then follow them.

5. Stay motivated.  Nothing kills a business more than lack of determination. Don’t give up so easily.  Every business will have stumbling blocks in the way. Your job is to find a way around those.

6. Continue to Expand- Most companies are continually adding new products and services.  Just like any business, a writer must continue to put out books in order to stay successful.

7. Set a Budget- Establishing a set amount of money for marketing should be in your budget.  Write down how much you need for each expense, such as: Overhead, office expense, utilities, travel, food, supplies, etc…

8. Engage the Customer- Any business needs to interact with their customers, either by face to face interaction or through emails or online support. A writer might set up speaking engagements, book signings or attend book seminars.

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Living with Passion: A Young Woman Living With Huntington’s Disease Journey to Truly Live with Passion


Author Biography

I am a young women who is passionate about every thing I do in my life. I was born to be a teacher but because of my Huntington’s Disease, I had to quit my job as a teacher. I now teach the world about my disease and will forever have a teacher’s heart. I use writing to deal with what I have been dealt and it’s very therapeutic for me.

Author Facebook page:  www.facebook.com/livingwithpassion90


Book Excerpt

Introduction: I am a 24 year old living with a neurodegenerative genetic disorder called Huntington’s Disease. I was diagnosed at a very young age of 23 years old and showing signs at 20 years old. This is a very young age for someone with HD as the average onset of symptoms is 35-55 years old. Being so young and being diagnosed with such an awful disease is a hard thing but it was a weight off of my shoulders once I was officially diagnosed. I have always known I had the 50/50 percent chance of inheriting the HD gene because my Dad, grandfather, eight aunts and uncles also had the gene. When I was diagnosed, I was able to begin living it with it, rather than continuing to constantly fear the unknown. Having HD has positively affected my out look on life. I try to always take in the good moments, and live more in the moment, whether that; is squeezing my nieces, nephews, and God son tighter and more often, soaking in that sun shine, laughing with my family and friends more, and thanking my support system more often. I do my hardest to live each day passionately. Yes, it would be easy for me to stay in bed all day, but I believe that solves nothing, so I wake up each day and live. I make plans with my support system and I keep going. I am so grateful for my support system because if I did not have them it would be ten times easier to stay in bed. I say to myself, “I can stay at home alone or I can go somewhere with people I love,” and I always choose to go. I may not be working, but I ever rarely spend a day home where I have no visitors or am not out with people. Due to my HD, I have no idea what my future holds, if there is no cure or better treatments I will deteriorate and continue to loose my ability to walk, talk, and think properly. I keep my faith and hope alive and pray each day. At 24 years old and being diagnosed with an awful disease, my faith and relationship with God have been strengthened. I have a new found love of writing and it has become very therapeutic to get my feelings, frustrations and fears out. When I was first seeing my neurologist, Dr. Frank and genetic counselor , Lauren, I constantly felt like the elephant in the room and was also trying to figure out who knew I was seeing Dr. Frank and who did not know. Those who did know seemed scared to bring it up. I could never have done it without the push from my sister Liz, but I was ready to say this is me and I am living with an awful disease but I am doing so passionately ,so I started a blog. The responses that I received were utterly amazing and incredible. I received messages from my family, friends, and people I had not talked to in years telling me how I had them in tears and they were praying for me I have loved nothing more than sharing my HD journey with the world. I do it for therapy and awareness. I without a doubt consider myself an advocate. I have people who tell me that I have changed their outlook on life and inspired them to live better. I feel humbled when I hear this. To me I am a normal person living with an abnormal disease who has decided to show my true strength, not let the HD get the best of me, fight it, and live passionately. I always had the power, strength, fearlessness, and grace to deal with it inside of me before I just was not aware of it until I truly needed it! I get my strength, passion, fearlessness, joy, and happiness all from my angel Dad, who lost his fight to HD December 26, 2003. This memoir is a tribute, dedication and honor to him, who he was and what he stood for. I would love nothing more than you being a part of my journey. When reading along it just might make you cry, but if anything I hope it will make you smile and have happy tears. I hope my story will change you for the better just as my HD has done to me. I hope reading my journey, the good and the bad of my HD, will inspire you to appreciate what you do have and to live with a more positive outlook on life.”

The Camouflaged Cross- Book 1: Just Run by Cal Wilson

CC1_Cover_Kindle_5142015Book Blurp:

Have you ever wondered what the true Biblical End Times will look like? Where society has totally broken down and evil forces are at work, both worldwide and locally, to take control of what is left?

Nuclear bombs smuggled into shipping containers have blown up several American port cities. Riots have broken out among the hungry survivors. Train tracks have been sabotaged to cause derailments, municipal water supplies have been poisoned, ground-to-air missiles have been smuggled into the country to shoot down passenger airplanes, crop-dusters have been used to spread disease in crowded cities, and electrical sub-stations have been attacked to shut down the electrical grid and make sure that anyone left alive is in the dark. In the face of all this death and destruction, most of the survivors foolishly try and prepare for a return to normalcy.

Several Christian prepper families have converged upon an agreed-upon retreat location to try and survive what is clearly a final break-down of society, just as was predicted in the Bible. Join Jesse, his wife Mary, their daughter Melissa, and their prepper friends from church who have, after years of prepping and stockpiling supplies, are forced to go to their retreat location in hopes of fighting and surviving all of the multiple threats to come.

Buy link: http://amzn.com/B00XXBQPJI    (Free today through Saturday)


The American president, who had been widely distrusted by the Christian community, was attending a conference in Jerusalem, to celebrate the mid-point of his much-heralded seven-year, universal peace treaty. Most other world leaders also attended. This treaty had succeeded in keeping world peace as never before. Even skeptics had been impressed with the peace kept by this treaty, engineered by the American president.
The location of this conference, believed to be the location of Solomon’s Temple from biblical times, was chosen to emphasize the historical significance of the occasion.

However, during the conference, nuclear bombs concealed inside shipping containers exploded simultaneously at several American east-coast port cities. For those who survived the nuclear bombs, full-scale rioting ensued, making the cities involved a vast wasteland of death and destruction. Fearing the same attacks, other port cities that had not been attacked halted all shipping operations, resulting in shortages of essential supplies and food. People in those cities also rioted.
All the rioters in American port cities not only demanded a resumption of the shipments of food, but they also resented the fact that any semblance of privacy they had had was gone, ostensibly in order to protect against terrorist attacks like what just happened. Rational observers of the situation agreed that this was one of the few times when the frustrations of rioters, if not the actions, actually made sense. Government snooping of phone calls, e-mails, texts, computer hard-drives, credit card and online purchases, and all other aspects of life in America had produced no noticeable increase in security, as had been promised. Facial recognition cameras had even been set up in city centers, recording the identities and travelling of drivers and pedestrians through the cities. Yet, this end of privacy had still not halted the attacks.

Soon after the nuclear explosions in the American port cities, terrorist sleeper cells inside the United States began operations in which they attacked electrical substations – those unprotected junctions of electrical power lines where the voltage in the lines is regulated for further movement into a nearby city – with machine guns in an attempt to cut off the power grid and all communications. At first, the nationwide coordinated attacks on power substations, dubbed “Metcalfing” after the location of the 2013 dry run, had scattered success. Nevertheless, several major American cities still had power.

Southern Attraction- Young Adult Romance Book

Southern Attraction Coverart (2)

After tornadoes blast through Alabama in April of 2011; I wrote this book in memory of those that lost their homes or even their lives.  After seeing the tornado destruction and losing power for over a week, and seeing many lives changed that day, I wanted people to remember what happened not only to the state of Alabama but throughout the south.
Southern Attraction is a young adult romance book about a girl who loses her parents and is forced to live with a country-fied redneck uncle from Alabama. There she has to rediscover who she really is.  She goes from the snooty beauty queen cheerleader to part of the southern charm.  She has to choose between two young men that she likes.

Heather has everything she ever wanted; money, clothes, friends, popularity and parents that adored her. Until one terrible day, she loses it all. She is uprooted from a place she loves to a small town in Alabama with a uncle she doesn’t know. The small town of Huckleburg was nothing like Manhattan. Country rednecks owned the town and no one accepted Yankees from New York. Heather didn’t think things could get worse until a tornado comes and blast through the small town. Heather has to lose herself to rediscover what life is all about. She meets two guys that she can’t decide between who she really wants. Join Heather as she discovers that there is more to life than money and fame. Will Heather ever fit in and find true love or will she remain an outsider living in the south.


“Uncle Mick, something is wrong with my television. Can you fix it?” she yelled through the walls to Mick. Within seconds she heard an alarm sounding. “What in the —-”, she said. Her bedroom door came flinging open and Mick ran inside. “Heather, there’s a tornado warning going on. We got to head to the storm pit!” he exclaimed.

“What?” Heather questioned. “I said come on,” Mick said as he grabbed her arm and pulled her behind him. Heather didn’t know what to think. She had never been in a place where tornadoes ever doomed the city, so she just followed Mick’s lead..

As Mick opened the front door, Heather was stunned to see the sky so dark. It had only been a few minutes that she drove into the driveway with a clear sky. Now suddenly a dark cloud hovered overhead. Heather and Mick ran toward the back of the house. Heather started to worry when she saw a cement looking building carved into the ground. Mick grabbed the door handle and pulled it.

“Get inside quick or we are going to be blown away!” he exclaimed. Heather could hear a roaring sound like a strong wind approaching them. She turned to look at the sky when she saw a funnel shaped cloud in the distance. Suddenly, fear came over her and she didn’t know what to say or do. Mick pushed her inside, and he pulled the door closed. Then he latched the door closed. “What are we going to do?” she cried.

“Don’t worry, we are safe in here. I’ve been through several of these storms in the past and everything will be fine,” Mick said, trying to console her. Mick tried to act calm for Heather’s sake but deep down he was terrified. He was worried that the tornado was going to blow the door off the storm pit, and they were going to be sucked out into the twister. He had been fortunate in the past to escape a tornado’s fury, when it ravaged his neighbor’s farm and left his untouched. He wasn’t convinced that this time, he would be as lucky.

Mick’s words of encouragement did nothing to calm Heather’s nerves. She was more scared than she ever had been before. She didn’t know what to expect or what to think about the idea of a tornado approaching. That is something that she never had to experience living in Manhattan.

An extreme fear came over her and she was in shock. Yes, her parents’ passing had traumatized her, but she never felt this type of terror and doom before in her life. She was afraid that this could end her life and Mick’s and she wasn’t ready to leave this world yet. She felt her life was just beginning. She hadn’t lived the life that she always wanted to live. Mick could see the panic in Heather’s eyes and by the expression on her face. Mick heard Heather mumbling something that he couldn’t make out. Then he saw her close her eyes as if she were praying. She cried as she asked God to forgive her and to protect her and Mick from the storm. Heather wasn’t a religious girl but she believed in a higher power. She believed in God as a creator of all things. She knew that now was the best time to make her peace with God, because she didn’t know if she would make it to live another day.

Then suddenly without warning they both heard loud noises coming from outside. Heather heard a crash like something had been hit by a fast moving train. Then she head a hard thud and some clattering and crashing sounds. Her body could feel vibrations through the ground and the walls.

“Lord, I don’t want to die, please help us God,” she cried. Trying to keep his emotions to himself, Mick reached out to hug Heather. She held her uncle tightly hoping that the storm would soon be over.

The vibrations from the ground grew stronger while the deafening booming sounds got louder and louder. Then all of the sudden, there was a complete silence. The storm had only lasted a few minutes, but it felt like an eternity to Heather. After everything became quiet, Heather fell to her knees and began to sob.

“Heather it’s over, don’t worry,” Mick said. Mick was concerned and worried what kind of terror was going on inside of her head. He could see her distress, but he didn’t know what to do, except hold her until she stopped crying. He was hoping that he could regain his own composure in the process.

“Everything will be alright, I promise,” he consoled.

After sitting on the concrete floor for several minutes, Heather finally quit shaking. After seeing Heather come back to herself, Mick leaped up off the concrete floor and went to open the door to the outside. The sky began to lighten and he walked outside to look around. Heather slowly got up on her feet and crept outside. She was taken back at the sight she saw before her eyes. A pile of rubble sat where the house once stood. All she could see was a dirty field full of debris. Their furniture and possessions looked like garbage, scattered acrosss the ground.“Are you okay,” Mick asked.“Yes, I’ll be fine,” Heather replied. After climbing over a pile of of wood Mick said, “Look, your car is over there and there is my truck. Maybe they are driveable.”  “I guess things could be worse. At least we weren’t injured,” Mick said as he surveyed the area. “How can you say that? You lost everything in that terrible storm. Don’t you care that we are both now homeless?” Heather asked with frustration. “I know you are upset, but we’ll figure something out.”Heather couldn’t understand why Mick was so calm and unemotional. He has lost his mind or something, she thought.

Mick walked over to his truck and tried to crank it. The truck started up without a hitch. “Come on Heather, let’s go see if someone might need our help.” Heather was still a little shaken up and confused when she followed Mick to his truck and climbed inside. Mick started to drive down the gravel road leading away from his farm when they observed a horrendous sight. They both were astounded at what they saw before their eyes. They looked around as Mick drove and they saw piles of debris scattered along the road and fields. They noticed the path of destruction was over several miles and only a few homes were left untouched.

“It is weird but it looks like the tornado picked its targets,” Heather said. “I see what you mean. Some houses are left and others are completely gone. It even cleared out all the trees,”Mick replied. Mick pulled over to the side of the road by a mound of rubble. He jumped out of the truck and ran over to where a house once stood. “Is there anyone in there?” he yelled.

Please help us!” Noises came from underneath the wood fragments. Mick ran to the debris and started pulling off planks of wood and garbage. “Come help me!” Mick exclaimed as he motioned for Heather. Heather quickly hurried to help Mick pull off the jagged and sharp boards from the heap of rubble. “Be careful, these have nails in them,” Mick instructed.Finally, Mick could see an older couple peering out from underneath the wreckage. He dug faster but carefully trying not to injure them. At last, an elderly man and woman climbed out from underneath. “Thank you! Thank God, you came. We don’t know how long we would have been under there,” the man said. Heather could see how glad the man and woman were that they were rescued. Suddenly Heather felt good that she was able to help the couple. After checking for injuries, Mick told the couple that they were going to look for other people who needed help. They waved goodbye as they quickly drove down the rode. So many people were out examining the area looking for survivors and anyone that was trapped.

Heather saw steel power lines snapped in two. Cars and trucks were turned upside down on their axles. Huge trees were uprooted and pulled up from the ground with the roots lying on top of the ground. Cement slabs were robbed of the houses that once stood on their surfaces. Shreds of cloth that once resembled clothing lay on the ground. Pieces of twisted tin were wrapped around trees that still stood amongst the wreckage.

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The Top 20 Literary Sites on the Web


These are the top 20 literary websites of authors and readers on the web.  From books to reviews — from authors to agents, these sites are for anyone interested in literature.

1. Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/
Goodreads is a literary site owned by Amazon. They carry all titles and genres with links directing back to major bookstores. Go to them to read or write reviews and discover what your friends are reading.

2. Literary Directory: http://literary.yolasite.com
Literary Directory is a directory of great books and literature, and where authors can come to get help with their book manuscript. Publishers now have the place to search out new authors, great books, or literature. Book lovers can come and search books or write reviews of their favorite books.

3. World Lit Café: http://www.worldliterarycafe.com/
Where readers and authors can connect in one place. They offer author forum to discuss books or to ask for reviews. They have Twitter tweet teams that help with marketing books.

4. Poets and Writers: http://www.pw.org/
One of the largest literary sites serving creative writers in one place.

5. The Millions: http://www.themillions.com/
An online magazine covering books, arts, essays and culture.

6. The Los Angeles Review of Books: http://lareviewofbooks.org/
The Los Angeles Review of Books has a wide selection of book reviews, interviews and essays to choose from.

7. Bookriot: http://bookriot.com/
Bookriot is a literary site dedicated to the idea that writing about books and reading.

8. The American Reader: http://theamericanreader.com/
The American Reader is a monthly journal of literature and criticism.

9. Shelfari: http://www.shelfari.com/
This literary site is owned by Amazon. It is a community of readers sharing their favorite books.

10. Manicreaders: http://www.manicreaders.com/
Manireaders is a literary site for authors, publishers, readers and reviewers to feel at home.

11. Full Stop: http://www.full-stop.net/
A site full of reviews, interviews and marginalia with a thorough discussion of literature and literary culture.

12. Library Thing: http://www.librarything.com/
A online catalog of amazing books with a community of 1,700,000 book lovers.

13. Hilowbrow: http://hilobrow.com/
Hilobrow is a literature site with a collection of good reads and long forgotten literature.

14. The Public Domain Review: http://publicdomainreview.org/
This site showcases the most interesting and unusual out-of-copyright works available online. Books from classic works of literature to abandoned drafts.

15. Book Browse: http://www.bookbrowse.com/
BookBrowse is an online magazine for booklovers and authors. Read some great reviews, blurps, author interviews, and much more.

16. Figment: http://figment.com/
Figment is a community where authors and readers can connect with other people who love to read, and discover new stories.

17. Spangaloo: http://spangaloo.com/
An online literary sites of Ebooks in all genres where readers can download Ebooks for free.

18. Author Database: http://authorsdb.com/
A free database of authors, including social media and book listings.

19. Ebooklister: http://www.ebooklister.net/
EBL is a great free service providing links to free and bargain books online.

20. Writers Net: http://www.writers.net/
A literary resource full of information for finding publishers, writers, editors and agents.

Written by Tracy Kauffman

These views are entirely my own views and are in no respect formed from any independent study.

Why Write?

Writing is an outward expression of one’s inner thoughts, feelings and emotions. Writers enjoy expressing their thoughts through writing, but at the same time, it is pleasing to the mind. Writing bring enjoyment to the soul by relaxing the senses. It can brighten your day by helping you to forget the stress that once felt too powerful to overcome. It can help you overcome a loss or rejoice in a new occupation. Writing in any form is way to reflect your life’s experiences on paper.

Two Wugz

Awhile back in my Fiction Writing class the question came up of why different people write. I think this is a great question and one that should be explored in depth by all writers. There isn’t a wrong or a right answer to it of course, but I certainly think it is helpful to consider. Personally I came to a sort of multi-layered conclusion. I started writing because it was fun, because it was something I wanted to do. I continued writing because sometimes there were stories I wanted to read and they didn’t exist, so I felt it was my duty to tell them. Nowadays I’m more concerned with the all consuming idea that I want to say something. I mean really say something. I don’t want to write something that is just entertaining to others, I want it to have meaning and depth to it as well. It…

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Writers Born to Create

Writers Born to Create.

I believe certain people have the skill of writing and it shows in their work. I enjoy writing more than any other thing that I have tried to do with my life and that is many things.

What were you born to do? Were you born to write?

Never Sell a Product!

As a new business owner, I’ve heard from several people who tell others that they should never try to sell a product. Let me explain this a little further. One time at a book signing a guy came up to my table and started browsing. I went on to tell him what my books were about. He looked at me and said how will these books help me. Well at first I didn’t understand what he was asking. His English was not perfect for he was from a different country. I went on to tell him how great the books were and he went on to ask the question again. See, he wasn’t looking for a synopsis of the book. He was wanting to know how he would benefit in reading my books. Suddenly, I had an “Ah Ha” moment. I understood what he was asking. Even though he asked the question, he was wanting me to take a look for myself at how I was trying to “Sell” the book.
Most people don’t want a salesman approaching them and shoving something into their faces. They want to gain something from their purchase. If one goes to the store for shoes, they go because they need them. If a lady goes to a dress shop for a dress, they might look at how appealing it is or how great it makes them look, but indeed they need it. Whether it is to help them with their personal esteem or simply because they need something to wear. Every purchase is usually bought for a reason.
Book readers might buy a book because they enjoy reading. Why? It relaxes them, helps them feel good about themselves, teaches them something or interest them somehow. Whether it is a nonfiction book about health or a romance novel. Each serves a purpose for the reader.
From that moment at the book signing, I took a moment to reflect on how my books might help others. Lets look at Southern Adventures. Southern Adventures was written about my life, but it is a book of reflection on things that have inspired me and taught me throughout my life. How can it benefit the reader? The reader can walk away realizing that their life is just a vapor. That no one has a perfect life without trials or tribulations. It helps the reader feel a sense of relief because they are here on this earth for a reason. That things do not happen by chance alone.
I hope this shows you that a person shouldn’t try to sell their book but tell the potential buyer what they will be missing if they don’t buy the book. Tell them the benefits they will receive; whether it is relaxation, comfort, reflection, inspiration or entertainment.

Written by Tracy Kauffman

How To Write A Book – Character Development

Creating characters is an important part of writing because this stage of development determines the outcome of the story. How a character acts, does, says tells the story through his actions, motives and sometimes his appearance. A book wouldn’t be a good one without the characters that are in the story. Imagine reading Alice in Wonderland without having an idea of what Alice was all about. Or reading Tom Sawyer without an idea of his personality and his behaviors. To some authors, creating the character is what they have predetermined in their mind before ever sitting down to write. They may have dreamed about them or perhaps they resemble them in certain ways. See my advice below for helpful tips on Character Development.

1. One part of character development where an author has to make a wise choice is the name. What’s in a Name? Everything. If your reader hates the name they will probably dislike the character and quit reading the story. Consider these names.

1. Joe vs Antonio
2. Mable vs Jasmine
3. Ann vs Alicia
Hopefully you get my point.

2. Now that you have carefully selected your character’s name, give them a personality. You can do this by describing their actions, their demeanor, how mean they are to their peers. This can done through the dialogue or in a descriptive paragraph.
Sometimes it is best to let the reader decide how they are by reading about them. You don’t have to write down every single detail in one paragraph either. Sometimes you might change the personality of the character as your story develops, depending on the plot. It is alright to develop a relationship with them. Act as if you are the character itself. What would you describe to others about yourself.

3. Now that they have a personality, give them an appearance to match their personality. The reader by this point should have made some assumption to how the character looks. Describe their speech, physical attributes, their grooming habits, etc…

See related post: http://writerlaurenclaire.wordpress.com/2013/06/11/6-tips-for-developing-your-characters-by-victoria-grace-howell/



Steps To: How to Write a Book- Post Three

Student Writing

After deciding on your topic, writing an outline and doing your research, it is now time to start writing. In the last post, you were told to write your first sentence. The main sentence of the whole manuscript is the first one. It tells the reader what the book will be about to some point and then it will draw them in.

Begin writing your first paragraph by using your thesis sentence. Then work on one paragraph at a time. Don’t tell everything that will happen in your first paragraph. Leave the reader guessing what will happen next. Don’t go into a full head-on discussion about each character. That is what dialogue is for, to bring in more information about the characters and their reactions to things. To learn more about dialogue, visit this link: https://tracykauffman.wordpress.com/2013/04/02/differences-in-narrative-and-dialogue-writing/.

Word upon word, line upon line, here a little and there a little. Then before long you will have a full manuscript. Don’t expect to finish your first book in a month or less. It usually doesn’t work this fast; unless you plan on staying awake without sleeping, working or resting. Don’t worry about editing at this point. Editing should come after you have completed the entire manuscript.

To learn more about editing, visit these two post.

1. https://tracykauffman.wordpress.com/2012/12/18/why-editing-is-necessary/

2. https://tracykauffman.wordpress.com/2013/02/05/how-editing-can-make-a-story-better/

Good luck and get started! Prepare an area where you can write without too many distractions. Put your answering machine on and relax. It will come to you if you have done your research and followed the previous two posts that I wrote.

Check out my website at: http://tracykauffman.com

A writing contest you might want to consider entering: http://kgbookspub.wordpress.com/2013/05/21/short-story-writing-contest/

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