Is Beauty in the Eye of the Beholder

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There are many people in the world that look to the outward appearance of another person and judge their beauty.  What makes a person “Beautiful”? I say it is hard to tell how beautiful a person is without getting to know them. Lets say that a woman is beautiful by the observance of the naked eye, but is very rude, mean, stinky, bad mannered, bad breathed and a complete gold digger.  Would you still say she is beautiful?  I don’t usually look to the outward appearance and judge a person’s character but I see many do.  They look at a woman who is thin, well dressed, hair styled just right, perfect teeth and say she is Beautiful.  The same may apply to a man who is think, wealthy, has a great job, dressed usually in a suit, as a beautiful or handsome man.

Let me give you a scenario of what I have observed lately.  A woman who is overweight but has decent looking clothes, hair is combed, has some makeup on but is not that ‘perfect ten’ body, might go into a restaurant and be seated, and perhaps she has been sitting for over ten minutes before the male waiter decides to come over and take her drink order.  Then I have seen a group of thin ladies go into the same restaurant be seated and their drink orders are immediately taken by the same waiter.  Then after returning their drinks, goes on to take their order.  He has completely forgotten the first woman; never taking her drink to her, until she raises her hand.  The waiter looks disgusted at being bothered by the first woman and decides to go ask her what she needs.  This is a true story.

Another scenario might be a physician that sees an overweight woman, rudely ask her what her problem is, don’t let her respond, then quickly gets her out of his office without really listening to why she is there.  Then he sees a woman who is dressed perfectly, perfect body and has a sweet voice.  He nicely ask her why she is there, spends over thirty minutes letting her respond and treating her better because of her physical looks.

The truth is beauty is vain. Whether you are young or old, you judge a person by their physical appearance. It might be later on that you say that they are ugly by their demeanor, but that idea and thought comes much later. A very sweet young girl with no makeup, a little chubby and dirt poor might be the most beautiful person you have ever met in your life. But to most men, they will not give this person the time of day. Most guys judge a book by the cover. The same applies to women when they look for a potential mate. They might put up with a guy’s rudeness and vanity if they have a nice outward appearance.

I used to do the same thing, but the older I get, the more I see that my body is not that perfect body or than thin physique I once had.  I am ashamed of how this world judges a person’s beauty.  A person’s beauty cannot be measured by the eye of the beholder. That person will measure unfairly. Beauty can be observed after watching a person closely. Observing a woman helping an elderly man across the street. Or observing a person giving money to the Red Cross bucket at Wal-mart. Beauty is what is inside a person, their true values, cares, and how they react toward others. Beauty is measured within a person’s heart not their physical appearance.

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