The Worthy One

There is only one worthy to be worshipped —Worthy is the Lamb to receive honor and glory. Praise be to God for his wonderful love and mercy that he sheds forth to us, that all can come to the knowledge of his dear son and receive eternal life. Chose God, Choose eternal life.

I invite each and every one of you to check out my blog, “Godly Witnesses.” Post are written for the glorifying of the Lord Jesus and to instruct you regarding these last days.

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Cindy Powell

This is one of those posts I already know I have little to no chance of truly expressing what’s in my heart.

But I’m writing it anyway. I’m writing it anyway because it is the thing that is burning within me. It is the one thing I can’t get out of my heart or mind. It’s the thing that brings me to tears and sends shivers of holy awe up and down my spine. It’s the thing that trumps lesser desires and has marked the course of my life.

It’s the thing that leaves me at a complete loss for words, but at the same time desperately determined to seek a way–any way–to express what I’ve experienced so deeply. This vivid reality. This sacred privilege. This blessed assurance. This holy communion that simply cannot be constrained within the limitations of human language.

How do you say thank you for life?

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