What Choice Do I have?


Everyday we are faced with decisions and we have to choose between one thing or another. The choice to go to college, the choice to go to work, the choice of getting married or the choice of what to do in life. The topic of choice has come up several times in the last few weeks and I thought I would address this since it seems to being weighing heavily on my mind. Why? Who knows. Today at church the preacher mentioned choices in life. A few weeks ago I wrote on making good decisions, which you can read by clicking the links below.

The thing is that one choice can be a very bad decision. One choice can be the difference in life or death. One choice can make all the difference. The country singer George Jones made a decision to quit drinking and change his life. In an interview he tells how he made the choice to accept Christ into his life.

Some might blame a choice they made on someone else. They might say, If my mother or my father didn’t make me go to college, I would have made a better choice in my career. Or if the weather was better than I would have gotten to work on time. See the choices we make affects everything in our life. If we knew it was raining, why didn’t we leave for work earlier. If we didn’t go to college, we might have made another dumb decision.

See no one can make choices for us. They might give us their opinion but the choice is up to us. One thing to think about when making a choice is:

1. Will I regret this later?
2. Will I be ashamed of this later on in life?
3. Am I choosing this decision because it is easier?
4. Am I choosing this because this is what others expect of me?
5. Is fear standing in my way of making a better decision?
6. Is this the best decision for me?

In the Wikipedia, online encyclopedia, it tells us that the definition of choice is “the mental process of judging the merits of multiple options and selecting one or more of them.”


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