In the World of Skepticism

Why have we allowed others to influence our beliefs in the good of mankind. We are often skeptical about things that sound amazing and therefore claim they are too good to be true. We have been burned one way or another in our lifetime and start to question every aspect of everything that we come into contact with. When I run across a business that is a legitimate business with decent moral standards, there are always others who come along who are cynical and try to discredit them.

I understand why people are so skeptical in the world today. So many people and businesses claim to provide a service and therefore tell a direct lie in order to cover up their luring deceitfulness. To give you an example, I have been burned several times by businesses who offer something free just to listen to a 60 to 90 minute presentation. After going to the presentation and sitting their listening to them trying to sell me something that they clearly stated was not a sales’ pitch, they hand me a piece of paper that is supposed to be my free prize. The back of the paper reads, after sending in 99 dollars, we will ship your free ……..

Usually when these people call me I tell them I am not interested but am promised usually something that is too good to pass up. Then I am let down over and over again. I try to believe in what people tell me but they blatantly lie to you. They think it is necessary to lie and therefore that is why people are so skeptical. Who can blame them?

The same goes with any business promising something and not delivering. They promise to install cable for a set monthly amount only to find out that it was only for one month service. They made you sign a 2 year contract and therefore you cannot get out of the deal. Or you hear a knock and the door and it is a salesman claiming he will install a free security system for only $20 a month for the security service. After signing the contract, they stick you with the hidden fee of $99 dollars for the installation.

I wish that more honest people owned businesses and therefore people wouldn’t feel the necessity of lieing. They say they are not lieing when they fib a little. Sorry to tell you, a lie is a lie. Do these business owners really believe that a one time sale is going to hold you to a lifetime contract with them. On the contrary. They lose valued customers.


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  1. rosecoveredglasses
    May 16, 2013 @ 23:10:18

    Great stuff tracy. It is a treat to read your articles


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