Are “The Great Gatsby” Reviews Understandable

Can anyone really be that shocked that “The Great Gatsby’s” reviews are so terrible?  I remember reading this great book when I was in high school.  It was one of the books that I found myself enamored by.  It has all the necessary elements that make up a great book.  An intriguing plot, conflict, tragedy, romance, and a highly esteemed character.  The author, F. Scott Fitzgerald was way before his time.  He knew the inner hopes, dreams and desires of individuals and was able to capture that perfectly on paper.  So many value their position in life on money and riches.  How could a movie producer possibly recapture the essence that F. Scott Fitzgerald wrote about and come up with a different twist in a movie format.   The movie was doomed to fail from the start.  To make a movie, one must have a screenwriter.  If this person knows nothing about the jazz age or writes in a different way, they can not possibly capture the same indispensable properties of a work classified as a masterpiece.  I’m not saying the producers were not brilliant and experts in their field of movies.  I’m saying it is difficult to recapture something the second time after having enjoyed it so tremedously the first time.  At least they got the leading role part played by Leonardo Dicaprio right.  His acting capabilities, good looks and charm make it impossible to hate him. 


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