One Simple Way To Make Your Story Better

If you are an author, writing professional, or just someone that loves to write a good story, there are ways to make your story more like-able and interesting.

One thing can make a dramatic change in your story.  It is called Synonym and you can use a basic Thesaurus to change the way your story looks, and therefore appeal to your audience.  If you don’t own a Thesaurus, there are free sites you can go to for help with finding some.  One place is:  You simply type in the word you need to find an alternate to and there you go.

In my writing, I love to use the word (LOVE).  It is hard for me to use the word (like) instead of love, so I went to the on-line Thesaurus and there is was.  A list that I could alternate into my manuscript. 

Here is the list from (love,enjoy,like,sleep together,roll in the hay,make out,make love,sleep with,know,do it,be intimate,have intercourse,have it away,have it off,jazz,mate,pair up,couple) 

Well, you see I had to leave out a few dirty words from this list.

Here is an example of using love in two different ways.
1. I love to go to the park and love to swing on the swings.
2. I enjoy going to the park and love to play on the swings.
(Here I exchanged enjoy for love and play for swings.
One sentence is not necessarily better, but different.  So feel free to use as many synonyms as you can.

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    Jan 04, 2013 @ 06:07:50

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