Determination is The Key

Why do so many people have trouble getting what they want in life?  Is it lack of will power, no energy to complete the job, lack of self-esteem.  I say all can contribute in some way, to affecting us and preventing us from achieving our goals.  One must ask themselves, what is important to you?  What do you really want to accomplish?  Do you want to just get by in life and pay your bills?  Do you want to be happy?  Do you want to be famous?  Do you want to accomplish a goal?  All of these questions are what you need to look at before you determine what you really want.  Then, you can move forward into achieving your goals.  No I am not an inspirational life coach, but I do read things they have to say.  You have to tell yourself to stay focused on what you want because with determination and a set goal, you can achieve what you really want.  Yes, money does factor into a lot of things.  Money has always come between people and their dreams of happiness, but has it?  Only if we allow it too.  Today if you have a computer, a little no how, you can market yourself without a great deal of money.  There are so many places that offer free services to the public.  With determination you can find those places and market yourself.  Good luck with your dreams and I hope you accomplish everything you want in life.


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