Cherish Your Life

I recently had a friend pass away recently and it teaches me that life really is short and we need to cherish every minute we have on this earth.  God put us here for a reason, and that was to be a light to the world like Jesus was.  Although some choose not to follow God’s commands, he still loves us and wants all to learn about him and love him.  God is a loving and caring God, but he is also a jealous God.  He created everyone for his good pleasure.  You can read about his creation in Genesis of the Holy Bible.  I want everyone to take a moment and realize how great your life is.  Yes, there are times when things go wrong, but there are also amazing times that God has given us.  Be content with what you have.  Do you have a healthy body, a place to live, food to eat, children, breath in your body.  Then today is the time to cherish your life while you have time.  Thank God for all his wonderful things that he has blessed you with today.

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